5 things I hate about shopping: a plea to retailers everywhere

Department store escalators
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I think it goes without saying that I love to shop and I’m sure it’s not presumptuous to say you do too.

But there are some things about shopping which drive me mad and can even ruin what should be a pleasant experience.

1. Fitting rooms

I had no problem compiling this but I knew you’d have some suggestions too so I took to Twitter! Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things that annoy us about fitting rooms:

  • unflattering lighting (@kitty_says, @TheStyleRawr, @sophwestrope and @rosiehayward were quick to tweet their hatred for this!),
  • absent or unhelpful sales assistants,
  • nowhere to sit,
  • nowhere for accompanying friends/boyfriend to sit,
  • nowhere to hang my coat and/or bag,
  • curtains that don’t close properly (@lindyloub83 hates this too!),
  • dirt/mess e.g. used plasters and chewing gum (this riles @Loupadoupa as well!)
  • the smell (either feet, B.O., or enough airfreshener to choke you),
  • the size of the cubicles (too small or just not enough of them, and @made2travel agrees),
  • and I’ll leave the last one in the words of @lucyjanewood because it made me giggle!

Screenshot: lucyjanewood's tweet about fitting rooms

2. Sizing

Hands up if you’ve ever tried on your usual size only to struggle to even get it over your thighs? Or for it you to be able to get it on but it hangs off you like a sack? Or if size 6 shoes are too tight but size 7 would be too large even with an insole?

When it comes to bugging me sizing is a double-hitter because I can be a size 8 in one shop then pop into the store next door and be a size 12. Sort it out retailers!

(This is a particular issue I have with online shopping: I spend far too much time at the post office.)

3. Music

I like music when I’m shopping, it all adds to the experience. But I want to be able to have a conversation with my friend or call my boyfriend without having to shout.

Moaning about this one really annoys me because it makes me feel old.

4. Temperature

Now I understand that sales assistants are dressed for their environment: they’re inside all day (wearing branded t-shirts if they’re particularly unlucky) but work in a room with doors that are either permanently open or opening and closing on a very regular basis. I understand how cold they can get, especially on quiet days when they’re stood around a lot (I really do understand – I’ve been that sales assistant).

But that is no excuse to have the heating on 50°C, thereby inflicting death-by-roasting on anyone who enters the store sensibly layered up against the British weather.

5. Bad bag packing

I’ve just spent money in your store, do you mind not balling my shiny new purchases up and stuffing them into that bag with quite so much enthusiasm?!

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  • http://hazelsworldofjoy.blogspot.com Hazel

    Great post, I agree with everything here… but the thing at hate the most is shop assistants that don’t acknowledge you, even when serving you!

  • http://fashiondawgs.com Fashion Dawgs

    Oh god I totally agree with all of these. Also if you go into a designer shop and the assistant assumes you can’t afford anything so is really rude. Maybe I can’t afford anything, but still treat me with some respect!

    Fashion Dawgs

  • http://thinkmilkandhoney.net celia

    I don’t actually like shopping for these and more reasons (much prefer online shopping), but as an ex-sales assistant I laughed a lot with this post!

  • http://talesfromthedressingupbox.blogspot.com Suzanne

    Haha love this. I especially agree with the one about temperature. I work in a shop and it is absolutely sweltering. X

  • http://www.klury.com Mandy

    I couldn’t agree more! This is why I have converted to shopping online so frequently :)

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

  • http://thesofisticate.blogspot.com Amber

    This is a great post! I agree with all of these things, especially the temperature and the fitting rooms!!
    Maybe this is really picky of me, but one thing I hate is bad employees… Once, I was in a game shop buying this dice game for my BF for Christmas, and I’m standing at the desk to pay (there was no line) and the cashier is just talking to her friends, ignoring me! I was so pissed.
    I also hate when employees don’t know something, and they don’t try and help. If you’re like, “Do you have this in another size?” And they’re like, “Umm…I’m not sure… ” And they scan the entire store (as if they’re going to see another size from a quick scan). Then reply with “I don’t think so.” And don’t bother asking anyone ahead of them! Bleh.

    I still like shopping, though!

  • http://memoirmode.com Kylie

    hahaha great post. I have always said I should be a half size with some retailers. Its moody sales assistants that annoy me. I am never rude to anyone so I do not expect it from somewhere I am spending my money. I do not want them to jump around and bow at my feet, but a smile and a thank you would be suffice. Also what annoys me is sales assistants who do not know what is in their own store. xx

  • http://theshophopper.blogspot.com Shophopper

    This is a hilarious post. I did a similar one a few months ago (http://theshophopper.blogspot.com/2011/09/top-5-annoyances-while-shopping.html), but it wasn’t quite as funny. :) I fully agree with the fitting rooms, music and sizing. I added arrogant shop assistants and general messiness. Hadn’t thought of temperature, but you’re absolutely right! This doesn’t get to me quite as much in stores as it does on public transportation, though.

  • http://fashionistas-diary.blogspot.com Eva

    You totally succeeded to find 5 bad things about shopping and I completely agree. It sometimes gets so annoying when it’s crowded, hot and music is irritating, but it’s worth it :D


  • http://www.ellecroft.com Elle Croft

    Oh, hear hear!!
    I especially hate overheated changing rooms, it just makes the whole experience so unpleasant!!

  • http://smalltownbigwardrobe.com Catherine

    Sizing is definitely my number one issue. I’d also add having A TON of size 0/2/4 and ONE size 10/12/14. Really?! And do not make me ask a sales person if they can go get my size 12 pants in the back when you have five times as many smaller sizes displayed. That’s just mean.

  • http://sibylputyourclotheson.com/ sibylputyourclotheson

    Ugh, the sizing thing drives me crazy too! I do way too much online shopping and I always swear I’m going to stop because I hate dealing with the returns.



  • http://thestylecrusader.org the style crusader

    Ah, couldn’t agree more. Totally not a fan of spending lots of time out shopping…


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  • http://notanotherrainysunday.blogspot.com/ Flora

    aha love this, so true! It makes me so angry when they scrunch up your purchases, and also when they put your reciept in the bag even though you’ve said you’ll take it…. so annoying!
    Flora x

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  • http://www.thewindowshopper.com.au Courtney

    Ha, what an entertaining {and brutally honest} post. I agree with everything you said! The worst thing is when you go in, money in hand and looking for some help, and no one bothers to serve you!

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  • http://www.cheapoclothing.com Maria D.

    Amen sister

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  • http://www.arashmazinani.com Arash Mazinani

    Yeah the biggies for more are music, I’m not a fan of really loud music in a store either. I also hate it when they stuff your purchase into a bag. All staff should be shown how to fold up clothes neatly, it’s not really that hard!

  • http://bangbylo.com Lauren

    I totally agree with the bad bag packing one! It’s so inconsiderate to take your new pieces and crumple them up. I much prefer when they are wrapped or at least folded nicely. When I was a sales associate in a clothing store, I alway offered the plastic garment bags when I didn’t want to fold someone’s 15 new pieces. It was a win win for both of us!


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  • http://www.woodstockwardrobe.com Dana

    Great post! I am in total agreement…shopping days are also stressful days!


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  • http://www.aheartandsoulstory.blogspot.com Anja

    Oh my, I totally agree with all of those. I would only do online shopping if there wouldn’t be so much shipping costs involved and the sizing being an issue as well. But what can we do about it?!

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  • http://www.thimbleandthread.co.uk keri

    Shopping is HARD, let the professionals do it for you if you live in Yorkshire. http://thimbleandthread.co.uk/