AW12 / AllSaints press day

AllSaints AW12 press day - several looks on mannequinsBlogging as a hobby means my weekdays have 2 distinct halves; 9am-5pm I’m found in a typical local government office and after work I head to some event or other. It can get tiring but is never boring – life can be a bit surreal. As I signed-in at the AllSaints press day I found myself writing my name next to representatives from ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and Stylist.

We’ve all heard how ‘blaggers’ are only in it for freebies and have no grasp of the English language so it feels oddly-validating to be invited to press days. Does my lack of a journalism degree mean I have no right to attend events? I think not, and it makes me happy that it’s incredibly rare to encounter people who do hold this belief (none at this press day I must add!). So on Wednesday evening I wandered around a gorgeous open-plan studio alongside some of my favourite (faceless) writers and revelled in the atmosphere as much as AllSaints’ AW12 collection.

It appears that this British brand has grown up: all of the pieces I saw were instantly recognisable and typically AllSaints however this collection is sleeker than other recent offerings. Embellishment, leather, zips and draping still feature prominently, as does the dark and moody colour palette. But there are more flattering cuts, better quality fabrics, and a more runway-ready aesthetic.

Personal favourites are the Nikol wool coat, the Valley biker jacket, the Dash leather vest, and all of the ankle boots. Are any of these pieces making your heart beat faster?

The majority of this collection will be hitting stores, concessions and the web from August, although some pieces may be available from July.

Click to shop AllSaints!

Thanks to AllSaints and Affiliate Window for the opportunity to preview this collection.

AllSaints AW12 press day - some looks on mannequinsAll Saints AW12 press day - several looks on mannequinsAll Saints AW12 press day - zip-back bootsAll Saints AW12 press day - draping, cowl necklineAll Saints AW12 press day - several looks on mannequinsAll Saints AW12 press day - bags laid out on a tableAll Saints AW12 press day - lace top and faux fur coatAll Saints AW12 press day - several looks on mannequinsAll Saints AW12 press day - 'conical' embellished topAll Saints AW12 press day - several looks on mannequinsAll Saints AW12 press day - shoes laid out on a tableAll Saints AW12 press day - buttoned-up collar close-upAll Saints AW12 press day - leather zip-back topAllSaints AW12 press day entrance - "AllSaints: The Collection"

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  • Andrea

    I love all things All Saints! Their clothes are amazing. I wish I was in London more often so that I could shop there; but on second thought maybe it’s for the best… Better for my bank account. :)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • kb

    Ahhh I know exactly how you feel, each evening (and sometimes morning) is more surreal than the next! Hopefully we can discuss this in person soon and make sense of it all! This collection looks amazing, All Saints has never quite been in my price range but hopefully I can invest in a few of their pieces in the future, I’ve always loved their tailoring and knitwear.

    • Becky

      I know what you mean, it isn’t affordable to all (and often not to me!).

      However as I was being shown round the collection I was told that, for example, each piece of embellishment is applied by hand so the prices do seem justified when you realised how much effort and time must go into each piece!

      Thanks for your comment :) x

  • Sarirah

    I enjoy reading press day posts to get a sneak peek of collections to come but this time, I have to say, I’m slightly envious as I’m quite the lover of AllSaints. In some lights they have that elegant resemblance to Rick Owens which I love. I’m looking forward to seeing these pieces come into store. :)

  • Kirsty

    This preview looks stunning! Totally out of my price range unfortunately :(

    I love reading about press previews and seeing whats going to be in stores next season though :) Great post

  • Sarah

    I love these images; what a visually beautiful press day.

    I wrote a post which touches on the whole blogger/blagger/whategger debate if you’d like to read: A Blog About Blogging.


  • Jen

    Great post, I love AllSaints! I think I will be needing the bag on the left in my life come summer!x

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    What beautiful pieces!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the All Saints one, I had too many others to go to and I wasn’t in London on the same day for this one. The collection looks amazing though! I love seeing the new lines from the brands. Did you go to any others? I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)

  • Lola

    I absolutely LOVE the leather range at All Saints, I got it at a xmas sale, the quality and is amazing! x

  • Ria

    I adore All Saints. Their boots & leather pieces are always something to covet and by the looks of it this collection is no different! Love that there are a few more floaty feminine pieces amongst the tougher looks xoxo

  • Valerie

    I love All Saints, they’re amazing! How do you get invited to press days? I’d love to go to some of them


  • Angel Court Jewels

    Wow…I’m in love with the studded blouse.


  • Ruby

    love your camera!!!! #jealous xxx