SS12 / Aubin and Wills almanac

Aubin & Wills SS12All images from Aubin & Wills

If you’re a follower I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I like pictures but I’m aware I also have a tendency to ramble on with the words side of things too. I sometimes have to remind myself that anyone reading this blog has a life to live and doesn’t want to spend too much of it trawling my posts.

So I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, which I’ve just realised I’m already failing at, as I’m about to head out on a little date night with my beau. Instead I’ll just share with you these shots of Aubin & Wills‘ spring collection from their gorgeous new almanac (you can request your own on the site).

Let it be said that I don’t often dedicate whole posts to one brand and I don’t tend to post lookbook shots as I don’t see the point in posting what you can easily find elsewhere, but I just think this collection is perfect, perfect, perfect: from the styling to the model (Irina Lazareanu, of course) to the clothes themselves.

This season I want to be an Aubin & Wills girl and I will take one of everything please.

Aubin & Wills SS12 Aubin & Wills SS12 Aubin & Wills SS12 Aubin & Wills SS12

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  • adele

    Gorgeous ad campaign. The girl has v similar hair to yours!

  • Lola

    Love Jack Wills and love Aubin and Wills, the peter pan collared dress is charming! X

  • mia

    Wow, I love those photos! Such a great vibe to it!



  • the style crusader

    Love this look book! It’s so chilled out and down-to-earth. Exactly the sort of outfits I’d like to wear all summer long. xx

  • Jai’me

    Haha, I must confess that when I first saw these photos I actually thought they were of you! I am a fan of Aubin and Wills too. I check them out when I go to Selfridges!