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Working from sun-up to sun-down leaves little no time for outfit photos so today I’m exercising my need to blog by sharing my new favourite hair products…fingers crossed I’ll be back next week with more ‘what I wore‘ posts but ’til then, enjoy your weekends (can you believe it’s December?!)!

Kérastase Biotic Bain Bio-Recharge Purifying Shampoo

I use this weekly to rid my hair of product build-up; there’s nothing that makes my hair more shiny, ironic considering I normally use a shine-enhancing shampoo.


You’ve undoubtedly heard the hype but I baulked at the price for a while before giving in. Now, dramatic as it sounds, I can’t live without it – this is the one full-sized product I take with me whenever I travel and the one product that has caused so much difference to my hair people have commented on it.

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

Also applied weekly and I tend to use this at the same time as the Kérastase shampoo for the ultimate in soft, smooth hair! Plus, it smells like sherbet :D

Charles Worthington Volume Booster Mousse

I used to associate mousse with crispy hair – luckily technology has advanced (and I’ve learnt that less is more) so I now appreciate the uplifting power of a little bit of mousse applied to the roots.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

We’ve had some boiler-issues recently so on the mornings I’ve been sans-hot water this has been a lifesaver. I’m keen to try the new-ish one specifically for brunettes, have any of you used it?


A once-monthly treat, I leave this on for 2 minutes until my scalp feels tingly cool! A strange sensation but in a really good way.

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  • Olivia Law

    I don’t know WHAT I’d do without the dry shampoo… xo

  • Rachel

    I don’t know how I could live without Moroccanoil either – screw the price tag!

  • linda

    I’ve used the brunette dry shampoo, it is slightly less noticeable & the smell is less cloying, but I’d say it really depends on how much time you are prepared to spend massaging the powder into your hair. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. Plus, if you scratch your scalp for any reason or run your fingers through your hair you get loads of the stuff under your finger nails which looks gross as it’s a more noticeable colour!

  • Ditsy print

    I love Moroccan Oil and Batiste, they are saviours!