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Dita Von Teese perfume

I’m fussy about fragrance – I like my scents sweet but not saccharine, feminine but grown-up, floral but not artificial – and I’m rarely a fan of celebrity perfumes which (let’s be brutally honest) usually smell cheap, but when I was offered a sample of Dita Von Teese’s début fragrance I was intrigued. She’s not a woman you can imagine putting her name to something she’s not happy with. Dita tells us “glamour is the creation of beauty and allure” and describes her perfume as “elegant, bold, seductive”.

First impressions are good. The bottle pays homage to her love of all things 1930s, decorated with a burlesque-inspired tassel and equipped with an atomiser (a gorgeous, retro touch!). There are top notes of peonies, bergamot, and spicy Bourbon pepper, infused with Bulgarian rose, Tahitian Tiaré petals and fresh jasmine, rounded off with patchouli, musk, smoky Gaiac wood and sandalwood.

Now, while that all sounds lovely, none of it means much to me but so let me explain in plain English: it’s divine. In my opinion it’s quite an oriental aroma – exotic, sweet, floral and slightly musky. It’s light enough to spritz on during the day but is also perfectly wearable for nighttime. In summary I like it, a lot. What are your thoughts on celebrity fragrances? Will you be trying this one?

You can buy Dita Von Teese Eau de Parfum at Boots (RRP £18.00) and it currently comes with a free gift!

Dita Von Teese perfumeDita Von Teese perfume

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  • Linn

    Totally agree on the celebrity fragrances, but I would definitely trust Dita and her taste. And who wouldn’t want to splash some of her glamor on to oneself??

  • Leanne

    the design of the bottle is very cool, and sorta sexy if a bottle can be called that! I really like the neutral polish on your nails as well!

    • Becky

      Thanks Leanne! I think the shade is ‘Pretty’ by Misa Cosmetics (I had it done at the salon so can’t be 100% sure!).

  • Geri Looker

    I am enamoured with the french style bottle, plus of course the price is so reasonable.
    I dont buy celebrity fragrances – usually trashy.
    On my dressing table right now is Chanel No 5 – classic. Gucci Noir and Maison Martin Margiela Untitled.

  • roxthefox

    Such a cool perfume!!


  • Sophie

    I’m not usually a fan of celebrity fragrances. I would try this one but there are so many other perfumes I would like to get (e.g Burberry Body, Marc Jacobs’ Dot, Prada Candy etc.) But I really adore Burberry Body x

  • Elle Croft

    I totally agree regarding celebrity perfumes…they’re usually horrible! I am also fussy but this sounds like I’d like it. I’ll have to give it a try; I love the bottle design too!

  • Amy

    The packaging of this looks amazing! I will definitely be checking this out instore – great price too! xx

  • Jai’me

    Like you I am very fussy about fragrances. So much so that it took me almost a year to find the one I really wanted to use on myself. I went all those months without using any fragrance because unless I love it, and it is distinctive, I won’t use it.

    Celebrity endorsement actually puts me off wanting the scent. I prefer something that’s not popular because I want my fragrance to be like my signature. :)

    There is a research that states that the appearance of the bottle also plays a very big part in whether a woman buys it or not – can you believe that? I was surprised.

  • Claire

    Been to Boots and can’t find this offer? Nothing showing on line help please

    • Becky

      This should take you straight to it! If you can’t see the offer it might’ve finished…