#givemondays blue envelope

Earlier today I popped to my nail salon hoping they’d be able to squeeze me in slightly before my appointment time. Happily they could so I sat down next to a girl of about the same age as myself; I remember thinking she was really pretty and that I liked the colour she’d chosen for her nails.

We sat side-by-side for 10 minutes. As she got up she said “Excuse me” and I didn’t respond, presuming she was talking to the nail technicians. She said it again. I turned to her and she asked “Can I give you this?”, putting an envelope down next to me. Written on it were the words “SURPRISE FOR YOU…YES YOU…”. I looked at her and she smiled shyly; I smiled back and thanked her. She left.

I’m a nosy person (naturally, I am northern) so I impatiently waited until my nails were done before rushing outside to open my intriguing blue envelope. Inside was £10 and attached a note saying “HAPPY MONDAY! Use this to spoil someone that you love today. #givemondays”. I implore you: please check it out! I can’t tell you how happy it made me, I even felt a bit tearful and I’m not the emotional type at all (except when it comes to Disney films – seriously, don’t even mention “Toy Story 3″ to me).

Have any of you ever experienced a random act of kindness?

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  • http://www.fashiondotty.com Sarah

    It’s an interesting idea, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be happy if I was given a surprise tenner. But I think I would have been just as pleased with a lovely note inside the envelope, with the tenner perhaps donated to charity.

  • http://www.lifeinabreakdown.com Sarah Bailey

    Wow what a lovely idea – I think when I have a spare £10 I shall partake just as it would be interesting to see how it went – it’s a shame more people haven’t put up they are the receiver yet love knowing things like that. x

  • Andrea

    How wonderful and kindness spreads kindness. Have a lovely week x

  • http://www.pinkbow.net PinkBow

    Oh my goodness this is so lovely! Think I would be quite shy handing it over though. I love things like this.

  • http://www.intotheblonde.com/ adele

    What an amazingly simple but feel good idea!
    Hope you stop by to see me soon!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  • http://www.thestylebox.com The Style Box

    I saw your Instagram post on this last night and checked out the other photos on the hashtag. It’s such a fantastic idea!

  • http://teathreesugars.blogspot.com Hannah

    What a lovely thing to do :) I love random acts of kindness. Your nails are a gorgeous colour too x

  • http://www.laurenella.net Lauren

    Aw this is so lovely, definitely want to do this before xmas! xo

  • http://rachelslookbook.com/ Rachel

    Awww how sweet! I love it! And your nails look fabulous ;) What a great surprise!

  • http://www.parkandcube.com Shini

    This is such a wonderful idea, whoever thought of it must be some kind of genius or another. I don’t think we realise enough what kind of effect we can have on strangers, and how a small amount of kindness can change a day! Hope this ‘act’ spreads around the city. Did you do anything special with the £10 :D?

  • http://usefulthingsbeautifulthings.blogspot.co.uk/ Beautiful Things

    What a great thing to have happen to you. I think I might partake of this project. How did you spend the money? x

  • http://www.freshfizzle.com tania

    that is so amazing and sweet. inspiring :-)

  • http://sarahbetty.co.uk Sarah Betty

    That is so cute. I have heard about this before and love it happened to you.

    How did you spend it?

    Sarah Betty xx

  • http://www.bell-street.com Ali

    wow.. what a nice surprise! I also want to know, what did you do with the money?

    I was walking to work one day and a guy picked up a $10 note from the ground and asked if I’d dropped it. I hadn’t, and there was no one else around, so he said “oh well, it’s a present for you… buy something fun!” so I bought fancy cheese and crackers on my way home for a delicious after work snack!

  • http://www.faiiint.com Stephanie / FAIIINT

    Aww, this is such a lovely idea! If something like this happened to me it would have totally made my day! I love little acts of kindness like this, it’s so amazing what a difference they can make to someones day! :)

    PS: Don’t worry, I cry at pretty much all Disney movies too! ;)

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