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Collage of lovely, organised workspaces

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I’ve written before about why I love Pinterest but it seems our recent house-hunt has sent me into dangerously addictive territory: I’m currently spending far more time than is normal pinning image-after-image of gorgeous interior design and inspiring home ideas.

It’s tricky to put your stamp on rented properties. Everywhere we’ve lived, we’ve moved in with good intentions and wishlists and must-dos for ways to make the place more our own…none of which have ever come to fruition either due to lack of funds or simply laziness.

We think we’ve finally found our new home although this is the third offer we’ve put in, and my favourite flat so far, so I’m reluctant to say more unless I curse us! Please cross your fingers for us! Wherever we end up I’m determined to spend a bit more money and invest a bit more time into making it homely (rather than adding to my footwear collection).

Click for my interior design-themed boards on Pinterest:

A collage of clever storage solutions and ideas

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A collage of stylish kitchens

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A collage of some beautiful bedrooms

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A collage of stylish bathrooms

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  • http://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com Andrea

    Great pins! I love Pinterest alone for their interior design inspiration!! I love a chalkboard-wall in the kitchen btw. That’s really something to consider. ;)

  • http://notesfrommycloset.blogspot.com/ Vanilla-Notes from my closet

    If only I had my own home! I just adore all of these ideas and themes :) I’m following you on pinterest too! :)

    Love, Rachel

  • http://sarahbetty.co.uk Sarah Betty

    You know, I never really had much interest in interior design, until Pinterest came along and now am obsessed! Great image choices. I love the pink bathroom and kitchen!

    Sarah Betty xx

  • http://www.blazerwhore.com Nicola

    I am actually an interior geek! But I am so scared my house will end up monochrome with damask every where! I have an obsession!

  • http://www.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com Miyan

    hi! good luck on closing on your home! moving is such a big deal & so is making your “house” your own, so good luck with that! oh..and..you have the most amazing shoe collection!!!


    • Becky

      My boyfriend would *not* agree but thanks ;) x