Some honest thoughts on blogging

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Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my recent long, self-pitying post.  You gave me lots of reasons to smile but also lots more to think about and I thought I’d share my ponderings in this follow-up post; so many of you seemed to identify with my feelings I thought you might relate to this too.  As always, I’d be interested to know what you think!

Who am I blogging for?

In the responses to my last post, you implored me to write my blog for me.  It’s excellent advice (and I’ve often dished it out myself).  Thank you for reminding me that I started blogging simply because I love to write.

Does blogging make me happy?

To be honest, not all of the time: while some days are fantastic others feel like a lot of work.  But I can chose to write (or not to write) whenever I want, and not only do the good days outnumber the bad, they’re usually so good that they make any stresses and frustrations worth it!

What is it about blogging that doesn’t make me happy?

When I was chatting with another blogger at a press day recently, they asked me what I think of the blogging community and it’s reputation for bitchiness.  It threw me but I really appreciated the honesty of the question and the opportunity to think and talk about it (though of course it makes me sad that this topic even has to come up).

I’ve never encountered any nasty bloggers but the blogging world can be cliquey and I see lots of of thinly-veiled sniping on Twitter.  Of particular annoyance to me, there’s a minority who like to call themselves “opinionated” when what they really mean is that they’re a tactless drama llama who relishes starting pointless arguments.  You know what I think?  If you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all – or at least not without putting serious consideration into what you say and how you say it.

What do I actually want to gain from blogging?

When I started blogging I expected absolutely nothing from it.  I’d recently been made redundant and had lots of time on my hands that I wanted to use productively – I read lots of blogs so starting my own was the obvious solution.  I never really expected anyone to read it, never mind that it would lead to me meeting George Clooney (probably the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me, though it’s brought other amazing opportunities my way too)!

If I continue to be invited to press events, sent samples, and asked to take part in blogger challenges, then that’s truly wonderful.  If not, that’s fine too.

Ultimately, do I want to continue to write this blog?

As dramatic as it sounds, blogging has enriched my life and introduced me to some really lovely people.

I’ve just taken some much-needed time off (my sister and her boyfriend came to stay for a few days so I’ve been playing tour guide and catching up) and I realised I missed emptying my head on my little space of the internet.  So, in summary, I will continue to write this blog.  But only if it continues to make me happy.

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  • Lola

    I missed the post linked to this so just had a read of both posts, firstly I am a blogger who looks to yours for inspiration as I am still fairly new in the blogger world and I think you’re doing really well!! It’s so easy to start comparing blogs to others and losing the reason why you started a blog in the first place, I love your blog and always get excited when there is a new post up! xx

  • Ria

    I think every blogger goes through phases like this and I think it’s always important to remind yourself of your first point here. Blogging is all about what you want to write and whenever you want to write it and it can be so easy to compare ones own blog to others. I definitely agree that you should only blog if you’re happy to, why spend your time doing something you don’t enjoy anymore?
    That being said, I do hope you continue to love blogging. Love your posts :) xoxo

  • Chiaweb

    Well said Becky! I totally agree with you! I’m also happy to read your blog because you live in my favourite city in the world and I can keep on practing my English! Waiting for your next post <3

  • Jamillah

    Hi Becky!!! I know I have not stopped by in so long, but I experienced a little burn out over the summer, have been a bit absent on the internet. I love how honest you are here and I’m glad you are ultimately deciding to keep doing this for yourself. It is a trip actually I often find myself kind of pushing away maybe the blogging circles and structures to be my most authentic self in the internet world.

    I think your blog is great and you are great :). And yes continue along as long as it makes you happy.

  • Jamillah

    Also p.s. your blog is looking faaaaaaab. I have been wanting to revamp my site for a while but neither have the knowledge or energy to do it. I love how your site is looking!

  • Style Eyes

    I agree totally “if you haven’t got anything nice to say…” but I think blogging is no different to any other aspect of life, you will always get people who want to be nasty. I generally think they have some sort of insecurity.

  • steph

    Glad you’re feeling better about blogging. I’ve gone thru the same thing multiple times in the decade-long existence of my blog (that makes me sound so old! haha) and I always stop when it stops being fun for me.. eventually return of course! But I think, perfectly normal :)

    I wish I got to meet George Clooney!! Possibly the biggest celebs I’ve met would be Formula 1 drivers.. not as cool as Clooney tho :)

  • Safira @ Miss Stylicious

    I am glad that you have written this post and been so honest about your thoughts on blogging. So many people feel the same way but never vocalise it and try to tread water keeping up but do not enjoy the reason why they started in the first place.
    I started my blog a year ago, not even aware there were other blogs or a blogging community. My priorities have changed, and instead of trying to post constantly to get my pageviews up, I would rather post once a week and make it quality than quantity and to do it for me. Ultimately, there are loads of blogs out there, and you have to do what makes you happy, and remember the reason why you chose to do it. Not all of us are full-time bloggers, and many do it as a hobby between work and life in general, so it’s a feat that we have achieved as much as we have – but we should still enjoy it! And if there is anything to be gained from doing it then that is a bonus. x

  • Kylie

    Glad you are not going to give it in, I was worried for a moment. I think if your blog is going to be a sideline, portfolio or even a career prospect and not just an online diary. Then there is going to be stress and work attached to it. Like any job you get weekends, breaks and holidays so just take them when you feel unmotivated. I haven’t seen that much bitching, but I don’t think I will join in those bblogger chats again, just people moaning about what they don’t like what other bloggers do, definitely insecurity x

  • Amy

    I like this post. So happy you feel you can be honest and sincerely glad you came to the conclusion that you’ll continue. I really love this blog!

  • Hannah

    This was a really refreshing read :) I often wonder who am I writing my blog for – sometimes I wonder if I should be tweaking what I write on my blog so that it might make other people more interested perhaps. But the words just tumble out – although I think I do stop myself from writing certain things on my blog, which was never the idea of it. It’s very difficult to decide why I am blogging – like you, I love emptying my head of some things that I will doubtless forget. I am terrible at remembering, and one of the primary reasons I started my blog was so that I could look back through it and remember things :) xx

  • Emma

    Becky, I love this post. I had about a 3 month break in blogging because it was needed! But now I’m back I’m really enjoying it again! I’m pleased you’re enjoying it still :) I do love to read your blog!

    Em xx

  • mmmmmmm

    this is a beautiful post. you really have a lovely blog! AND SO lucky, i mean..MEETING CLOONEY?!
    you rock!

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  • manvi gandotra
  • Anneka

    I’m sure everyone in the blogommunity (I just made that word up!) feels like that sometimes… but you should be proud of yourself for making such a great one – I applaud your honesty :)
    And congrats for making the LALM list this week x

  • Akaleistar

    Wonderful thoughts on blogging!

  • Piia

    Firstly, congrats on Links a la Mode. Secondly, I really really like this post. It is just so honest and straightforward and totally relatable, it was an absolute pleasure to read.
    Bowtie Diary

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  • Kristian

    This is such a thoughtful post and a refreshing reminder of why I blog as well.

  • PinkBow

    Such an interesting post. I don’t read nearly as many blogs as I used to, I find the right balance quite difficult to achieve and constantly have many ups & downs with my blog. So good to hear you voice my own thoughts!