London blogger bowling!

London Blogger Bowling

Earlier today I tweeted about arranging a possible blogger bowling event and lots of you were quick to express your interest (hooray and thank you!). I thought I’d write a quick post just to discuss possible dates and get your feedback.

potential dates

If you want to come just comment below then enter any dates you can make it into this poll (thanks to Anna for recommending) and I’ll try to find a day that’s suitable for everyone!


Currently thinking Bloomsbury Lanes or All Star Lanes (also in Bloomsbury), as both are in central London and therefore easily accessible plus they’re not too far from Euston/Kings Cross for anyone travelling from further afield.

I’ve been to Bloomsbury Lanes on a Friday before and they had free hula hooping and swing dancing lessons later in the evening – so much fun! I’ve not been to All Star Lanes so any opinions would be welcome! Where would you rather go?

if you’re interested in coming please let me know in the comments below! x

If you’ve already tweeted I’d appreciate if you can still comment as it’ll be much easier for me to manage if I have everyone’s name in one place!

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  • Anna

    Amazing idea Becky… is a great place to track availibility- takes about 5 mins to set up and then everyone just logs dat they can or can’t do so you can clearly pick the most popular one.

    I’m happy with All Stars or Bloomsbury- swing dancing sounds fun!!

    Anna x

    • Becky

      Thanks for the recommendation Anna, taking a look at Doodle now! x

  • Aimee

    yeah this sounds fun! All Star lanes are great too :) xxx

  • Natalie

    Sound’s awesome! Would love to come along

  • Katrina Nixon

    I’d love to come too :)
    I’ve put the dates I can do down!! :)

  • Charley

    This sounds like a great idea Becky! Count me in :)

    I’ve been to the All Star Lanes before and thought it was a great place, but it is pretty small – there’s only 4 lanes in total (if I’m thinking of the right one!). So depending on how many people go, I think the other one can hold more people.

  • Devon

    Devon from here, confirming I would be up for this! Voted for all the days in the poll, I’ll probably be free :)
    Devon xx

  • Anna

    Hey love, I’d love to come – I’m away a fair amount in April but hopefully I will be around xxx

  • Stu

    So down for this, I friggin’ love bowling.

  • chicpoint

    great blog! I really like it! so original in general :) xoxo

  • Jazzy Elizabeth

    Yes please! Such a good idea.

  • Safira Ali

    I would love to come! Sounds like a great idea.

  • Kylie

    Ooo sounds fun, count me in xx

  • nadia

    I’d love to come to! I’ve been to all star lanes before but not in bloomsbury one. I do like the sound of hula hooping!

  • Amelia

    I’d love to be able to come :) I’ve popped the dates I can do in the diary! xxx

  • Cat

    Yes count me in!!

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