LOVE magazine?

LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8), on top of a stack of magazines

Saturday mornings in my house are all about a balance between chores and relaxation.  As soon as I get up I put on a load of washing and settle down with a stack of magazines and a mug of tea while I wait for the machine to finish it’s cycle.  This indulgent escape into fantasy land is the perfect start to my weekend.  Let’s be honest - while it’s nice to look at pretty pictures of expensive clothes, if all you read is the monthly glossies it’s a bit depressing when it registers that you can’t afford a thing in them.

I realised recently that I’ve fallen out of love with most mainstream magazines; it was a sad realisation as I’ve been an avid magazine-reader for 15-years-or-so.  That’s not to say I believe blogs will be the death of print – I firmly believe the two can co-exist and the magazines I love, I really love (ELLE, Lula, Betty, Frankie, The Hunger, and Carrie and Lucy’s new venture, Wish).

LOVE is a magazine that’s been on my list for ages but this is the first issue I’ve actually bought.  It’s mammoth - over 450 pages.  I’m enjoying losing myself in it today.  Do you still read magazines?  Which ones do you like?

Cara Delevigne and the 'Queen' in LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8)Beauty editorial in LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8)Fashion editorial in LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8)Fashion editorial in LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8)Editorial in LOVE magazine AW12 (Issue 8)

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  • Chiara [chiaweb]

    I do love magazines! At the moment I still have only a subscription to the Italian Glamour, but I used to have Cosmopolitan and magazines about home decor. I’m addicted to internet but I still love paper!

  • mat

    i haven’t picked up love in yonks, bout time i grabbed it

  • Stephanie / FAIIINT

    I’m feeling pretty much the same recently, I’ve devoured every fashion mag I could get my hands on since I can remember, but recently I really do feel as though I’m falling out of love with them. I practically skim read last months Vogue & felt really let down by it & truth be told, I probably have done the same for the previous few months or more too, but for some reason I still feel compelled to buy it?!
    I’m still loving Elle, Dazed & iD though & I love Company & InStyle for the fact they feature a lot more affordable things along with the higher end stuff & of course Interview, which is one of my favourites. I buy more quarterlies & bi-annuals now though too, AnOther, TANK, Purple, Dansk .etc

  • Rachael C

    I don’t buy magazines at all, unless it’s for light reading on the plane. I think the last time I was dedicated to buying any sort of magazine, it was Mizz when I was 10! I’ve never really seen the appeal to be honest – I’d much rather tuck into a good book :) x

  • Rachel

    I’ve falling back in love with magazines again after a long hiatus. Though, while I will still happily flick through copies of Elle or Vogue if I’m bored enough, it is the ones with a theme, some tongue in cheek I’m drawn two. The three magazines I really actually read every month are Tatler (so funny, good articles and a fantastic beauty section and London restaurant reviews), Foam (a West Coast surf and style magazine which fuels my California obsession) and NYLON (style and culture sections. And Dani Stal’s hilarious Factory Girl column!)

  • Olivia Law

    I only discovered Love magazine about a month ago – even though it’s so expensive I’ve got every issue since; it’s literally a piece of art!

  • Diana

    I had the same exact thought the other day — I have subscriptions to three major mags, but I find myself quickly flipping through them and then tossing them aside, opting for blogs and online magazine instead. It is kind of sad because I do love them and having them in print! But I completely agree that the too-expensive clothes make it difficult to relate. I will have to pick up LOVE next time I’m at a bookstore — loving your blog! xoxo

  • Kate {Modette}

    I have a subscription to Australian Vogue, and I also enjoy magazines like NYLON, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle! I’ve always been interested in buying less mainstream magazines, but have never been sure if I’ll like them as much. I would love it if you maybe did a few reviews on some of your favourite less mainstream magazines! xx

    Kate {Modette}

  • Borjana

    What’s not to love here,honey!WOW!Amazing!;)

  • Helin

    I love it if I can set time aside for checking out magazines… I always love Vogue… I always peruse through the newer more hip magazines when I get a chance too… Lovely blog, how about we follow each other?

  • Anna

    I’ve never bought Love, always assumed it was a little edgy for me – I’ll have to give it a go. I’ve recently got back into In Style, really good style edits that are FAB for blog inspiration xx

    South Molton St Style

  • winnei

    I’m the same, I actually rarely buy magazines anymore. When I do, it will always be an interesting publication like Love or Dazed and Confused, I just really rate their creative direction when it comes to their photoshoots and also the type of material that they cover inside it’s pages – especially since they’re much more focused on Art and Music which are definitely things that interest me!

  • mojo

    i just followed @bloglovin…love your blog.

  • Morgan Brooks

    Love you and your blog, such fabulous inspiration!
    If you get a moment come check out my latest post!

  • molly

    definitely one of my fav mags.

    great post!

  • Sarah

    Blergh, some popular magazines now just recycle the same rubbish over and over, or steal content from the internet. Although I love the aesthetic of ELLE I find the articles to be badly written! I wish Lula was more widely available, but maybe that’s why it’s so covetable.

    I’ve been umm-ing about buying LOVE for a while so I think you’ve just sold it to me.

  • Kailey

    Lately I have allowed myself to fall in love with magazine again (after becoming tired of the traditional vogue and such), and Dazed & Confused is at the top of my wish list!