A thousand posies on my pants

Me Wearing: Next Floral Trousers + Givency Shirt + Vintage Blazer + Bertie Boots + AA Clutch + CK Umbrella

[ Wearing: Next trousers*, Givenchy shirt via Oxfam, vintage blazer, Bertie boots, American Apparel clutch, Cath Kidston umbrella ]

Me wearing Next Floral Trousers + ASOS Denim Shirt + Wallis Flats + Cambridge Satchel + ToyWatch

[ Wearing: Next trousers*, Wallis flats*, ASOS shirt, Cambridge Satchel via Urban Outfitters, ToyWatch via Selfridges* ]

Whenever a brand offers to send me something I’m usually hypnotised by anything earning the response “oh-my-god-look-how-pretty - despite the fact it’s probably impractical and will get little wear – and when Next said I could choose a piece from their SS12 collection there was indeed plenty of bright shininess to distract from more sensible options (the mumsy brand of yore is gone, though there are enough practical pieces to keep longtime customers happy).

In the end I managed to be logical-ish with these lovely floral trousers; classic enough to ensure they’ll be worn often, the print makes them perfect for spring/summer and adds something extra.

Of course, wear cropped trousers and/or florals in early-March and what does it do? It pours with rain. The curse of the optimist. They are super-versatile though so add a pair of ankle boots, a light jacket and an umbrella (all must-haves during a British spring) and I think it’s a shower-friendly outfit.

Another new wardrobe staple is these pointed flats I was sent by Wallis. I’ve been on the hunt for some more summery flats than my fail-safe dark-coloured ballerinas/brogues/loafers and these are just perfect. Admittedly they were (surprisingly) a bit painful at first but now I’ve broken them in they barely leave my feet!

Next sent me these trousers as part of their Aussies vs. Brits styling challenge so have a look at the other bloggers’ outfits: I’ve linked to everyone who took part below. Thanks to Next for asking me to join the British ranks (I’m in pretty amazing company)!

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  • andrea

    I just adore these posie pants, pretty :)))) I also love the colour of your Wallis shoes perfect for Spring. Lovely photos xx

  • http://www.baggagemagazine.com/ Lizzie

    Cute trousers! Good job you were wearing closed toe shoes when it started to rain!

  • http://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com Andrea

    These trousers look so pretty! As you said they’re perfect for spring. :)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • http://littlevelvetdresses.blogspot.com Emma-Louise

    Such gorgeous trousers, I can’t wait for Spring so I can start wearing patterned ones too :) Got a lovely pair from primark in the autumn in the sale and haven’t had chance to wear them yet. x

    • Becky

      I always do that but by the time the appropriate season rolls around I’ve either forgotten about them or can’t find them!

      #firstworldpains ;)

      Becky x

  • http://cheapoclothing.com/ Rich

    Love the umbrella and the pants….very cute!

    • Becky

      Thank you Rich, spring has sprung!

      Becky x

  • http://www.gembear.com Gemma

    you look amazing!!!! never thought someone could pull off such trousers. i’ve always wanted an umbrella like that myself. x

    • Becky

      I do adore this umbrella!

      It’s actually decorated with little old-fashioned aeroplanes. It’s probably the sturdiest umbrella I’ve ever owned too.

      Becky x

  • http://reviewsofvacuums.com/ Maria D.

    these are so cute! and they look so comfy!

    • Becky

      Thanks for your comment, Maria!

      They’re made from my favourite fabric: 97% cotton/3% elastane. Comfortable, natural, easy to care for…perfect!

      Becky x

  • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy

    you look so so good here!

    • Becky

      *Blushes* thanks so much Joy!

      Taking photos in the rain was actually kind-of fun (I don’t think my boyfriend/photographer would agree but there you go…)!

      Becky x

  • http://thinkmilkandhoney.net celia

    I love the first outfit and that you mixed stripes with the floral pattern, it looks great! Lucky you, the trousers are so cute I want to find a similar pair for spring.

    • Becky

      Thank you Celia! It’s my first attempt at clashing patterns this season and I’m quite into the result!

      Becky x

  • Angela

    J’aime le sac! C’est superr!!!

    • Becky

      Merci beaucoup, Angela! C’est mon sac préféré :)

      Becky x

  • http://www.pretpenser.com Veronique!

    I love the second photo!


  • Constance

    Gorgeous pants! Love it!


  • http://beckspick.com Becks

    I love everything about your outfit: trousers, urban outfitters bag, chambray shirt, and flats.


  • http://www.daisymay-dayz.blogspot.com daisymay

    Love the trousers, very different and brave. But they look great!

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  • http://becomingrefined.blogspot.com Jessica @ Becoming Refined

    Been seeing floral pants everywhere, I am envious of them; they look great on you!

  • http://trendsinlife.blogspot.com/ Alexandra
  • http://www.houseofjeffers.com Jen

    Greetings from across the pond! I stumbled upon your blog, and being that your from the UK, I adore your blog already! My husband is from Poole, but we live in the Statese – NJ to be exact.

    Loving your trousers! Next is one of my fav places to shop when I visit… so envious that you can shop there year round!

    Charming blog!

    House Of Jeffers

  • http://www.aroundlucia.com lucia
  • http://www.celebrityowned.com Julie

    I LOVE that umbrella!!

    Julie xx
    Check out our blog!

  • http://dressupwithlola.com Lola

    Think Ive underestimated Next, these are ah-mazing! NEED! XX

  • http://www.pattyandlo.com/ patty and lo

    OMG, I just LOVE the pants..great choice!


  • http://www.pattyandlo.com/ patty and lo

    OMG, I just lOVE those pants…great choice!

  • http://www.skinandblister.blogspot.com Anna

    Love the styling. Very british to have an umbrella and a satchel.

    Really suprised these trousers are from Next. Will have to pop in there!!

  • http://istyled.blogspot.com/ I

    I love your blog – it is really inspirational.


  • http://backalleysandboulevards.blogspot.com kristine

    i LOVEEEEEEEEE this outfit, so cute :)

    Kristine XO

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