Out of the loop

Sweet Williams (flowers) in vintage Kilner jar

I’ve always maintained that one of the best things about being a blogger is that we don’t have to answer to anyone: we’re free to post what we want, when we want to.  I just love it.  And while I don’t usually entertain negative thoughts today does see a change from my usual posts and, I’m afraid, a bit of a moan; I wanted to explain why I’m posting less frequently and why, in my opinion, recent posts haven’t been up-to-scratch.

Firstly, I’m feeling very out of the loop.  I struggle to find time to read blogs (616 unread posts and counting) and as it’s one of my main sources of joy I’m finding it frustrating.  At the same time I have to admit it’s hard to see other bloggers doing so well when I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.  I must stress that I honestly don’t begrudge anyone their success – after all the internet is big enough for all of us and there are so many truly fantastic blogs – but it’s disheartening to put your all into something then be left wondering where you’re going wrong.

It’s also tempting to pull out the typically-girly-blogger ‘woe is me’ thoughts that I’m not thin enough/I don’t own enough designer clothes/I don’t have a professional photographer boyfriend/my style isn’t edgy enough/I don’t look like a supermodel.  I know it’s mostly nonsense, after all another amazing thing about bloggers is that we’re so diverse and represent womankind across the board.

So, rather than moaning, I want to do two things:

1) Thank you for your continued support!  I may not have thousands of followers but I’m so happy to have a loyal few who read all my posts and take the time to comment.  It really does mean so much!

2) Ask you what you’d like to see more/less of here.  Please feel free to be honest and say what you don’t like!  Constructive criticism is good.  I can take it ;)

While I’m re-evaluating my blog (starting with a makeover, what do you think?) and my life (first task, a wardrobe clear-out) please understand if I don’t post too often; I’d much rather publish one good post a week than lots of crappy ones.  Fingers crossed I’ll be feeling reinspired again soon!

This turned into a super-long post didn’t it?  If you made it this far thanks – here’s a prize ;)

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  • http://www.doingitinstyle.blogspot.com Becky (!)

    Hello lovely. It’s easy to become disheartened with blogging :( I worry with every post as to whether it’s “good enough” and if anyone will want to read it. Then you see other bloggers getting an arm load full of free clothes and gifts and think “why not me?!”
    I’m currently obsessed with trying to get more views each month – if I got less this month, I would be grumpy. I have to constantly remind myself to blog for me. (and my friends and family!)
    In regards to your blog, I don’t think you need a makeover. I love your new blog! The layout is sophisticated and I like seeing your outfit posts. The lomography giveaway was right up my streeet -next time please rig it so I win though ;)
    You are doing everything right so don’t despair!
    Lots of blogger love,

  • http://www.halliedaily.com/ Hallie

    Hi Becky,

    I totally understand what do you feel about blogging, I think for being a blogger like us, we all share the same issues.

    I am surprised that you only have about 600 unread posts though while I have 1664 there. lol…anyway, my point is: I do my blog for myself/family/friend/and those who really like my style and blog. Of course, it really cheer my day when I have new followers, trust me, it upset me too when I see people un-followed. We are all normal human, and we do keep some good wishes for ourselves, but life time wouldn’t stop, every day is going and going, instead of worry why people don’t like me while the others getting more popular, I try to balance my daily feeling with something else — like I always proud myself for having a good and beautiful kid and family when others still looking for love/apartment/job…(I know some of them have it all or have better though. :D)

  • http://memoirmode.com Kylie

    Aww darling. Your blog is perfect, one of my absolute favs. I haven’t had anything to post of any real interest so haven’t! I have lots of summer clothes to wear *stamps feet*! I think a lot of us are feeling a bit slump at the moment, the weather is so uninspiring x

  • http://notanotherrainysunday.blogspot.com/ Flora

    Out of all the blogs I follow, yours is definitely my favourite. You seem so genuine and lovely – carry on what you’re doing!
    Flora x

  • http://www.freshfizzle.com tania

    I haven’t been following your blog long but I enjoy your posts a lot! And I actually much prefer it when a blogger puts out quality posts less frequently rather than daily nonsense. In fact I often find myself unfollowing bloggers who post too frequently when I start to find them uninteresting. There are only so many bloggers I can keep up with so I will stick to the ones that are turning out posts that are interesting, beautiful, or inspiring even if they don’t post regularly.

    I know it can be discouraging to keep at it when you feel like you aren’t engaging readers in the way that you would like…I have been struggling with the same thing myself. But I tell myself to keep creating and posting what I like, to do so for myself, for my own passions, and to worry about gaining followers secondarily…

    Just my two cents =). I find your blog very meaningful so please keep at it! <3

  • http://www.faiiint.com Stephanie / FAIIINT

    Ahhh! The ‘prize’ was awesome! I want to squeezzzeee him! ♡
    I know exactly how you feel, but I think we all go through that at some point & I agree with Kylie, I think the weather has a lot to answer for at the moment!
    I’ve got soo many unread posts, but it’s mostly because there are soo many awesome blogs I follow! I’ve started splitting my bloglovin into categories – ‘Favourites’ which I read every time I check it – then numbers 1-5, I make a point of reading all of at least one of the numbers & then if theres too many I click ‘mark as read’ on the rest. If next time there’s too many again, I make sure to read all of a different number & then ‘mark as read’ on the rest – that way I don’t feel too bad about clicking ‘mark as read’ as I’m visiting them all eventually! :) You’re under ‘favourites’ by the way! ;)
    I think if you have nothing you really want to post, don’t feel as though you have to… make sure you’re posting cos its something you’re really inspired by & you’re loyal readers will understand… Its much better to post amazing things less frequently than to post mediocre things on a regular basis!
    Also, if you do decide to do a blog makeover & want any help with it, feel free to email me. I do webdesign on the side, as I (worryingly!) really enjoy writing code… so I’d be happy to help out if you need it! :)

  • http://www.amethystcommunications.com Joanna Biddolph

    Blog with passion; it’s the only way it works.

    I don’t know anybody who reads all the blogs they follow; we all look at a few very favourites (even then, only scanning the headline and the first few words) and tend to sign up to others to be polite or just in case they post something worth looking at (they rarely do). I have a cull every now and then – unfollowing those I’ve decided add nothing extra to my life – and delete the great unread en masse from time to time so I don’t feel guilty or under pressure to look at them. You won’t miss anything important if it is a month or more old (in some worlds, it might be irrelevant faster than that).

    I love the design of your blog but if you don’t then you must change it. Overall, my advice is keep it (content and design) focussed; blog with passion (as above) which usually means less often; and make the design fit the focus. If you keep the scope narrow you will attract more followers with the same interests and passion and that will make you more attractive to those who want to use your blog as a conduit to their customers.

    The big questions – what to blog about whether to capitalise on your very strong skills with words or your very strong skills with the camera – can only be answered by you.

  • http://stylebyladyg.com Geraldine Looker

    Hi Becky.
    I am with you all the way on this one. I have been blogging for only 1 year but my site stats are not going anywhere. I know I need to experiment/explore more and tidy my blog up, but I do struggle with technology. Have been trying to find out how to put collages/fashion mood boards together but cant fathom it out! I get so frustrated. Feel like its one step forward and two steps back. Blogging should be fun, sometimes I think it is very competetive. But I really do love doing it. I am just not that good at it!!
    Seriously I dont think you have to worry. Your blog is inspiring with such wonderful pictures and dialogue. At least you get offers to try/test out. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Oh and I am also clearing out my wardrobe/closet too and I need to sort out my emails and blogrool….. Blah blah Becky!!

  • http://floral-etiquette.blogspot.com jemma

    I feel the same sometimes, and especially at the moment. It’s such a struggle sometimes, but enjoy it for you and go at your own pace. I definitely don’t have a ‘blogger body’ so don’t get to participate in a lot of bloggy things and it is disheartening; blogging can be disheartening, you’re right, but you’ve just got to keep at it. I, for one enjoy every blog post you publish and I know there are hundreds thinking the same. You’re beautiful, Becky, as is your blog.

    Ps. I love your layout, please don’t change it drastically. :)

  • http://absolutely-fuzzy.com steph

    Joanna is pretty on the money with her comment – “Blog with passion; it’s the only way it works.” :)

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I have to say that my impression of it IS successful. But your perception of success really depends on what your idea of it is and what you compare yourself to. I think you do a great job. And here are a bunch of people who read your blog and care enough to comment and encourage you on your journey – perhaps that in itself is a good measure of success? Can I say, way better than having 200+ comments where everyone just goes ‘nice dress xx’ :)

    Everyone has their ups and downs and bloggers are no exception. As long as you continue to enjoy blogging and sharing your passion, things will fall into place eventually. All the best :)

  • http://Www.chiaweb.it Chiaweb

    I can understand you. The only thing I can tell you is that you should write for yourself first. If a blog is like a diary just write for yourself! Than If someone is interested in what you write it is great but should be not necessary. If you are satisfied in what you write everything is ok!!! This is just my opinion ;) ciao!

  • http://www.thestylebox.com The Style Box

    I’m so totally surprised at this post! Your blog is awesome!! Honestly, the photos are amazing and I love the variety of posts in your blog. You always seem to be doing cool stuff and you certainly get invited/ask to join in with a lot more stuff than I do!
    I think you’re doing an excellent job and as long as it still makes you happy then you should keep it up. I know that I’ll be sticking around to read no matter what :)
    (And as for the unread posts on Bloglovin’, sometimes you’ve just gotta take a deep breath, hit ‘mark all as read’ and forget about it)

  • Linda

    I totally agree with The Style Box – I thought your blog was doing pretty well and you always seem to be off doing wonderful and glamorous stuff! Don’t worry about not keeping up with other bloggers – I also agree with previous posters that you should blog for you. The worst thing you can do is start comparing yourself to others.

    I think I slightly prefer the fashion posts that you do, but it’s the variety of your posts that make your blog unique. Maybe it might be worth having a break from it for a little while and coming back to it a week or two when you’ve had some down time to think about it.

  • http://thestyleofbeing.blosgspot.ca ginger

    Don’t despair my dear! Obviously, you have WONDERFUL readers. What you lack in quantity (at the moment), you seem to make up for in quality. :)

  • http://www.sobeanie.blogspot.com Justine

    First, I love your blog. Second, I feel exactly the SAME as you do, I also have upwards of 700 unread blog posts, just from mon-today. I have been slacking on my blog as well, because I find it is just so hard to juggle everything, job, life, family, blog, I need 48 hours in each day to get it all done! I say we put our big girl panties on and sludge on! I do love blogging, and hopefully in the end that will be what matters! Glad to see someone with the same thoughts and feelings as me! Thanks



  • http://junkies010.com/ 3lin

    a new hellocotton follower here. Love the style that you blog. ope to hear your new blog post soon.

  • http://agirlsimagination.com Lauren

    I have just found your blog, thanks to your very honest and well written post being chosen for Hellocotton’s lifestyle page. I want to say thank you for putting in to words something that I’ve been feeling over the past month and also to say ‘hi’ and ‘you have nothing to worry about,’ having read through some of your past posts. Your blog is excellent and this post shows how good you are at it, perhaps without realising. Honest posts, written from the heart will always be a success, even if no one reads them because you have at least stuck to something you truly believe in.

    Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts :)


  • Andrea

    I love your blog and will miss you whilst you take a short break. But sometimes its good to take a step back and re evaluate. Always be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. Expect a miracle :)) Loads of love xx

  • http://www.jenhuntermakeup.blogspot.com Jen

    Well I still read your blog – in fact amongst all the others I follow on Bloglovin’ you’re one of the few I actually click onto rather than ‘Mark post as read’ (perhaps I need a blog clear out too!). I love reading about your life in London, your outfits, latest buys and trips. Keep it up, forget about the rest, you are fab!

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  • http://teathreesugars.blogspot.com Hannah

    I’m becoming a bit of a stalker now – but I couldn’t not read this post after the one I read before which was a follow-up to this one (does that even make sense?!). I know how you feel – but although I’ve just discovered your blog I think it’s wonderful! I haven’t been so engrossed in someone’s blog for a while, I love the way you write, and your honesty :) stick with it, only blog when you want to – your loyal readers will continue to be loyal I’m sure :) xx