Perfect peach pie

Peach pie slice with ice cream

I’ve had pie on the brain recently so when I came across this simple peach pie recipe I took a trip to my local market for a big bag of fresh fruit then set to work.

Let me tell you, I underestimated the work that goes into peeling a peach – that stuff is time-consuming and (if you’re messy like me) you end up with juice everywhere – but the results are so worth the effort.  I also enjoy the messiness of making my own pastry; I used this shortcrust pastry recipe, just adjusting the amounts, and opted for a lattice top.

I’ve been enjoying warm slices of this with ice cream and a cup of tea.  Peach pie might be something I only bake for special occasions but I definitely will be baking it again.

Mixing shortcrust pastryPitting and slicing fresh peachesMaking peach pie - loading the base

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  • Je ne suis pas blog

    OMG. This pie seems so yummy!

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  • Caroline @

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten peach pie before. I love the fruit but when it comes to juices and pastry’s I always think I’ll hate the taste. I must say that pie does look quite delicious :) x

  • Andrea

    Oh this one looks so delicious!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • AM

    Looks heavenly! Peach pie is one of my favs!

  • Andrea

    Yummy :) Wish you could send me a piece NOWWWWW!!! xxx

  • chiaweb

    I want to do it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks delicious!!!!!

  • Amy

    Gosh this looks so yummy! I must stock up on peaches!

  • Diana Marks

    looks delicious!
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  • The Style Box

    That looks amazing!!!

  • tania

    gorgeous photos, that pie looks absolutely DELECTABLE!

  • steph

    that looks really delicious becky.. just what i feel like right now!

  • lisa

    i just tried baking…epic fail!
    I so want to make this but don’t think i will be able to!


  • lola

    Ooooh this looks SOOO tasty! Mouth is literally watering here, I am such a big fan of pastry whether it’s in the form of a good savoury pie with massive amounts of mash and gravy or a sweet pudding, I’m going to have to try this! X

  • Sarah Betty

    Seriously, Becky, what are you doing to me?

    I wanna eat your blog now. This looks amazzzzzzing. I am gonna call you Becky Ramsey from now on.

    Sarah Betty xx

  • Maki | Moon River Travels

    looks amaziiiing!