Preparing for Paris

Paris photo collage

One of the best things about living in London is that you can hop on a train and be in the French capital in little over 2 hours, so with the money my parents gave to me for Christmas I booked a little day trip to Paris. In my excitement I’ve created an ever-expanding Paris board on Pinterest (my favourite images from which I’ve compiled into the photo collage above).

I’ve been to Paris once but that was also just for the day: if you catch the first train of the day and the last one home you get a substantial amount of time in the city and save on super-expensive hotels – you want to cry when your alarm goes off at silly o’clock but it’s nothing a nap on the train can’t fix! Of course I am determined to go for a long weekend soon…

Our trip is in just under a month and I’m devouring guide books but I’m also looking to you for advice, so if you wouldn’t mind…

Can you recommend any restaurants?

What sights do we absolutely have to see?

What essentials should we take?

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  • Sophie

    Unfortunately, I have never been to Paris so cannot recommend anything but I really, really want to go and will either be going this year or next year. I live near London so it does not take long and I have often gone to France by train or ferry for the day, just never Paris. When I go I really want to visit the Chanel boutique on rue Cambon though. I would like it if you could recommend any places after your trip so when I go I will know all the best places! x

  • Laura

    Two restaurants with gorgeous interiors… tempting for someone who likes taking photos!
    Julien is art nouveau splendour, v trad french food.
    Restaurant Chartier the food is a bit more basic but still French food, cheap though. Again the interior is brilliant. From the outside you don’t expect much but it’s a fun lively atmosphere. Weirdly their website is rather quaint and lacking in pics, but google for images :)
    I’m planning a trip in April so hope to hear of your discoveries :)

  • Veronica Popoiacu


  • Vania Hasegawa

    I’ve never been to Paris, but I a dream of mine. Hope you have a great time there!!


  • Ms Jelena

    I’ve never been to France, but I just wanted to say lucky lucky you!!!
    I wish I lived in Europe, so everything is within easy reach!
    Hope you have a fab time :)))

  • Krys

    So many lovely inspirational photographs! The first (and only) time I’ve been to France was almost three years ago so I’m not much help in the suggestions area, but I’m sure your guidebooks are a great help. Definitely indulge in the good food and enjoy the atmosphere (:

  • Jai’me

    Have a great time there, Becky! Make sure you take lots of photos as well! :]

  • Anita

    Well, Paris is one of my favorite cities, and I’ve already been there for some times, so let’s see what’s in my mind for you:
    - do you love french books? go to the gibert joseph book stores in the quartier latin, those are shops, that resell old books in quite good condition, and they are really very cheap! there is a department for everyhting in the shop: cooking, novels, drama, classics, foreign books, travel, childern, art, etc.!
    - my most loved museum is the Musée d’Orsay
    - eating: L’As du Falafel in the Marais (ask somebody, everyone will know it!) and don’t be shy, there will be a huge queue in front of the little restaurant, but it’s the best falafel sandwich I had in my life!
    - shopping: I’m not a big fan of huge department stores, but well I have to admit the interior of printemps etc. is really beautiful and you can certainly find everything there. Personally I prefer the little boutiques in Marais.
    - croissant: Le pain quotidien et paul.
    and: don’t have a super expensive cappucino in the cafés around the louvre, it’s not worth the 5 euros. I’d rather take a coffee break at Paul or any other boulangerie.
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog!
    xxx Anita


    i love paris!

  • Heidi caterina

    I used to live in Paris so it’s like my home now. Eiffel towe is the basic. Go there for picnik. It’s great. Of course Arc de Triomphe, if you are less than 26 and you are European citizen, you can climb up for free. Go to Hotel de Ville because there’s the best 2nd store in the world. I fount Christian Dior shirt for 1E!!! It’s called FREE’P'STAR. Here’s the link to their website .In Paris, there a lot restaurant. I think you get the best part of Paris and the experience when you don’t think. Just go to ranbom café or restaurant and get surprised! TAKE COMFORTABLE SHOES! ;)

    If you have more questions, ask me. :)
    Bisous, Heidi

  • lidiya

    The Sacre-Coeur and all around Montmarte is one of my favourite areas in the city! And of course, vintage shopping in Le Marais is a must <3

  • a fashionable life for me

    Love the new design! The Picasso museum in Paris is fabulous. Also it’s quite compact for a museum so you can fit more shopping into your day!

  • celia

    Ah I love Paris! I’ll be going again sometime this year hopefully.
    It’s a pity you only have one day, my favourite place I visited was the Musée des Arts Dècoratifs. You can’t miss lunch and shopping in le Marais, last time I had lunch at Le loir dans la théière ( and then popped to the Princesse Tam-Tam store nearby.

  • Toralee Emily

    I lived in Paris for my year abroad whilst studying French and Spanish at uni. It’s the most amazing city. It’s a pretty obvious one but you have to have seen the Sacré Cœur, and the view from the top of the steps is amazing. Plus if you’ve got a mobilis or ticket jeune for the day’s travel then you can use that to ride the funiculaire and avoid ALL THOSE STEPS! Montmartre is very cute and quirky too. When you’re at the bottom of the set of steps up to the Sacré Cœur and facing it, turn left and then at the end of that little road turn right and you’ll walk straight into a fabulous square with lots of painters and street acts and lovely little restaurants and cafes. Also, at the bottom of the hill facing the Sacré Cœur if you turn right and keep walking (through Pigalle which is a little dodgy but funny) you’ll come to the Moulin Rouge which is always worth a look. St Michel is a little touristy but great for a cheap meal and drinks and the Notre Dame is amazing! Opera for shopping. And La Havanita in Bastille for happy hour. And Laduree on the champs-elysees of course, I always get a box of macarons to bring home. I could go on all day. If you want any more advice let me know!

  • Shophopper

    Ah, Paris. I’m going at the end of this month, can’t wait! I’m preparing a list of shops I want to visit and I’ll definitely put it online, maybe it’ll be of help to you. (I’ve also got a post with basic shopping tips in Paris:

    Just two random food tips:

    - Rue Cler. A street near the Eiffel Tower full of the best fruit/veggie/oyster shops. Also Davoli, an amazing traiteur.
    - Skip on Pain Quotidien (good stuff, but it’s Belgian, not French) and chains like Paul. Go to a local bakery, most of them are cheap and amazing! Dalloyau is a slightly more expensive bakery with a long tradition. It’s got amazing patisserie – I love the éclairs cafés.

  • Elle Croft

    Ahhh, Paris! If you have time for dinner, head up to Montmartre to watch the lights come on over Paris and eat at Le Poulbot…a tiny little restaurant that I think is a converted house (it seats about 20). It serves delicious, hearty French food for EUR16 (a 3-course meal). It’s my favourite place in Paris. Also, stop at Laduree on the Champs-Elysees for a macaron or two (or 8!). Enjoy!! XXX

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