Project 365 / #febphotoaday

Some of my Feb Photo A Day (febphotoaday) shots

I am a football widow for the evening so tonight seems as good a time as any to eat all of the new tub of Ben & Jerry’s by myself update you on my new year’s resolution to complete Project 365.

While I’m still ticking along with the challenge it’s now morphed into a hybrid of 2 photo projects. When browsing my beloved Instagram last month I kept seeing the tag #janphotoaday; upon further investigation I found out this is a photo a day project started by Fat Mum Slim, who set different daily ‘prompts’ for inspiration and invited people to post their resulting photos on their blogs/websites/preferred social network.

Being the obsessive compulsive creature that I am, I couldn’t join in mid-month so I was pleased to see that the challenge continued in February. Admittedly I did forget to take some photos at the beginning but I tried to catch up on them later!

I thought this was such a fun project to take part in and I also found it interesting to see everyone else’s photos: some of the topics might have seemed a bit mundane at first glance but actually being set a ‘boring’ subject makes you think more creatively about how to make an image interesting (plus I really enjoyed a nosy peek into other people’s day-to-day lives).

If you’re interested in taking part in #marchphotoaday here are the daily prompts:

March photo a day prompts

Image via Fat Mum Slim

I posted a few simple (free!) photography tips last month so take a peek if you feel you need a few easy-peasy pointers.

Before I sign off, wishing you all a Happy Leap Year (is that a thing?)! How have you spent your extra day? If any of you have proposed, or indeed been proposed to, do let me know!

EDIT: Thanks to Anna from Skin & Blister who tweeted me with another challenge some of you might fancy, Style Me March (#stylememarch). It sounds like so much fun I might do both!

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  • fabliha

    I cant wait to see your instagram photos :)


  • the style crusader

    This is awesome, I LOVE the idea behind this project. Oh, if only I had Instagram…. hah.

    Why is it SO FUN to get a little peek into other people’s lives?! It’s a little addictive. I think I discovered that same Monocle shop when I was in London last week. It is AMAZING! They have SO MANY good magazines… holy cow, I’d never been in a Monocle shop before. It was my last night in town and I was SO HAPPY because I had forgotten to buy my favorite magazine (Tank) and wound up right there where there were loads of issues right on the outside of the shop. Love it when little things like that happen. xx

    • Becky C

      Monocle is the best, the one in the photo is literally at the end of my street and they also order magazines in for you if they don’t stock them already.

      Thanks for your comment!


  • erica

    what a fun post! sounds like a great challenge.

    xo erica