Project 365 / January

January 2012

One of my resolutions this year was to finally undertake project 365, the daily photo diary challenge. With my iPhone constantly in my hand and Instagram without-a-doubt my most used app it’s really been a pretty easy task, and of course an enjoyable one too.

Here are some of my favourite images from this first month, chosen not necessarily because they’re the most interesting or well-composed shots (although one of the project’s aims is to improve your photography) but sometimes because they just bring back happy memories.

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p.s. This is actually a scheduled post as I’m in Paris right now (!) so I’ll undoubtedly be back with yet another photo diary for my next post but seeing as it’s Paris I’m sure you won’t mind, will you?

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  • Shophopper

    Ah, jealous! I just came back from Paris and I wish I was still there. Freaking cold, though. Enjoy!

  • Elle Croft

    Woohoo! Hope you’re having fun in Paris – I’m headed there in 2 weeks! I love the idea of project 365, and once I finally get an iPhone I’ll be trying it out. I love your pic of the phone booths…

  • Andrea

    Ooh you’re in Paris right now?? Awesome!! Have fun there. :)
    The pictures are really beautiful!
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Kylie

    I love instagram, so much easier to wipp that out than my DSLR, although I just bought a new canon so enjoying that at the moment. Enjoy Paris can’t wait what stunning photo’s you will take xx

  • Amber

    Oh, what a cool project! I want to do it, but may wait until next year :) I love these photos. Really love the food photos and the one of the black Holga. Very cool :D How have you been, dear?

  • maria

    loving those photos, and that frozen yogurt makes me hungry!

  • devil’s in the detail

    LOVE that cover of betty!