It’s like a cow’s opinion…it’s moo.

Moo business cards & Paperchase card holderI’m not going to pretend you won’t have heard of Moo by now (and fingers crossed you’ll remember the title of this post as a line from an episode of “Friends” or you’ll be wondering what the hell I’m talking about): they have a pretty memorable name if nothing else and they also happen to be one of the most well-loved print companies around despite being relatively newly-formed.

You may even have visited the website but thought them quite pricey compared to companies like Vistaprint and the like. Well, good quality does cost more. In their own words:

“We want to set a new standard for print, with remarkable new products that bring great design and uncompromising, high standards to the web. We’re only young, but when we grow up we want to be the best printer on the internet.”

They’re so convinced that you’ll love their gorgeous business cards they offer free samples! And unlike many similar freebies you can design your cards yourself.

I ordered some last week in a very simple, hopefully punchy, design and the print quality is fantastic. I opted for the green card (as in environmentally friendly, not green-coloured) which feels really weighty and thick with that lovely uneven texture that luxury paper has. They really are gorgeous if I do say so myself and despite an estimated delivery date of 13th January they arrived on the 7th!

Moo also provide rounded-corner business cards and ‘mini cards‘, which are half the size of regular business cards and super-popular with bloggers based on the number I was handed at events last year (and you can even buy a multi-image frame to turn them into a focal point in your home!). There are plenty of templates if you don’t want to design your own cards or you can even choose to take information straight from your Facebook profile.

You can also design your own stickers, labels, postcards, notebooks, greeting cards, and of course buy all-essential business and mini card holders to keep them all shiny and new (I picked up this Union Jack business card holder from Paperchase).

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Moo business cards & Paperchase card holder

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  • Sherin

    I love Moo. They do such amazing business cards. Haha, and yes: Totally loving the title.

  • Emmy

    Heehee…great title. And I’m actually one of those who have not heard of Moo before. Checking them out now. Those mini cards sound fantastic.

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