Some recent purchases

January purchases

“New York: Portrait of a City” book

When I visited Selfridges’ wonderful pop-up library last week I fell in love with this gorgeous book, which tells the story of New York City over more than 600 pages of awe-inspiring, emotional, dramatic photographs. As much as I coveted it I couldn’t justify spending £45 on a book but I paid a visit to my favourite discount book e-store, The Book Depository, and found it for just under £30 – when Chris also offered to buy it for me it was a done deal.

p.s. The Book Depository are holding one of their 24 hour sales on 2 February, where every hour a book will be reduced by up to 80% for that hour only or until stock runs out.

Click here to browse the Book Depository.

Kurt Geiger “Dianne” shoes

I feel in love with these when they first hit the shelves last year but based on the lack of space we have in the flat and the number of shoes I already own (besides the fact I probably only wear 10% of them regularly) I just couldn’t allow myself to buy them…until I found them half-price in Liberty. I practically ran to the till. They’ve also just got a new glittery version in stock…

Click here to browse the Kurt Geiger sale (which ends this week!).

Jeans, trousers, skirt & socks

I’ve gone a bit polka dot mad recently, picking up these Motel Rocks jeans and ASOS socks in the ASOS sale. I also bought this pair of new-season cropped trousers in an all-over floral print. Summer is on it’s way, hooray!

I also ordered a few pairs of jeans in the amazing sale but only ended up keeping a pair of black skinnys by Vivienne Westwood for Lee Jeans. Jeans shopping is always tricky never mind shopping online, where all you have to go off is a few photos of a gorgeous model (clue: what she’s wearing will look nowhere near as good on you).

By far my favourite new purchase is this gorgeous grenadier guard-print skirt that I just had to have after seeing it on Cat’s blog Take Courage. I’ve never bought Cath Kidston clothing before so I was unsure of my sizing and phoned the Covent Garden store, whose staff were incredibly helpful. They said this piece has been flying out but I managed to snaffle the last one which just happened to be in my size – it was obviously meant to be.

Click here to browse ASOS, and Cath Kidston.

Company magazine

When I was in my teens I used to buy Company religiously but then I came to the sad conclusion that I’d outgrown it. After hearing about this month’s facelift I decided to give it a go again and I absolutely love it. Unlike more aspirational publications like ELLE, Glamour and Marie Claire (all of which I subscribe to) I have to admit it’s nice to read a magazine where I can actually afford the clothes. Plus it’s new smaller size is so handbag-friendly, the layout and typography are spot-on, and the matte paper feels lush.

You can click here to subscribe to Company magazine.

Original Source shower gel

This vanilla milk and raspberry shower gel is hands-down the best smelling bathroom product ever to waft up my nostrils.

Click here to browse Original Source shower gels.

No7 nail polish

No7 nail polishes are probably my favourites. I started buying them using Boots’ famous £5 off vouchers and now have most shades but when I picked up another voucher it was all the reasoning I needed to add one of the new season colours, Minty Fresh, to my ever-expanding collection.

Click here to browse No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish.

Animal ears ring

This is another purchase from Judy’s at Spitalfields, which you will have heard me harp on about on many an occasion if you follow me on Twitter or if you read my previous blog. I’ll keep it brief and just say it’s the best vintage fair in the UK. Just go.

Click here to find out where and when your nearest Judy’s Vintage Fair is.

Vintage tin

I’m a sucker for vintage jars, bottles and tins so I had to have this one I found in Oxfam for a stupidly-cheap 99p. The embossing says “Bell Professional Kurl Klasp Kit”, which (thanks to Google) I’ve discovered was a 1950s hair curling set. I love it even more.

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  • lucia
  • Andrea

    Oh my god, I’m in love with your new heels! They are stunning! I probably also wouldn’t have been able to resist them in the first place! Besides designer shoes are not a splurge, they are an investment! Aren’t they? ;)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Suzanne

    Love the tin, my room is full of stuff like that :) x

  • Maria D.

    love love love the ring! I am such a cat lady, it would be perfect for me. :)

  • little moon lover

    great items.. the photos are looking pretty cool.. loving the vintage tin thingy.. stay cool!

  • What Sadie Did

    Great purchases – my favourite nail polish the last few months has been a shade very similar to your new No7 one – I looove it!
    No7 polishes are great (I used to work for Boots!)

    Sadie xx

  • Vanilla-Notes from my closet

    The animal ears ring is adorable :) and I can’t wait to see how you style your new polka dot purchases :)

    Love, Vanilla

  • Liset

    Oh, love the vintage tin and your new shoes!

  • Elle Croft

    Nice haul! I love the polka dots.
    I’m so glad someone else appreciates Book Depository like I do. I am SO excited for the sale!!!! :-)

  • Angela Donava

    Super post!!!
    Angela Donava

  • Caitlin

    Love all these purchases!! I just got that New York book! Stop by my blog today if you have the time to tell me what you think of the latest post! Thanks, love! Have a great weekend!


  • Maya

    Love the clothes! x

  • Jo – Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

    Ohh, I am completely in love with that skirt! The print is adorable!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  • Eva

    Everything looks so pretty! The skirts are gorgeous! xoxo

  • Jamillah

    Oh boy! Your assortments of skirt is such a winner! LOVE!

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  • Sara

    Love them! It was a great shopping, really like your taste :)