The Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge

Some of my shoe collection

Face it ladies: we own too many pairs of shoes. We might deny this to boyfriends/girlfriends/parents/bank managers. But it’s ok, we’re all friends here. I won’t tell a soul you admitted it.

While the past couple of years have seen me observing Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge from afar this year I’m actually taking part! ‘citing!

Basically from the day you sign up you have 1 year to wear every pair of shoes you own – any that aren’t worn and ‘saved’ are goners!

I’m quite good at listing things on eBay when the mood takes me but there are some pairs of unloved shoes that have slipped through the net several times – pairs that realistically I don’t/won’t wear but can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of.

This challenge should streamline my shoe collection and help me on my way to building my investment wardrobe (more on that in an upcoming post). So first thing’s first: count your shoes (61 pairs, eek) and take a photo of them all (voilà).

I was going to add the additional obstacle of banning myself from buying any new shoes during the year I take part in this but who am I kidding, I’m no saint.

pleasure |ˈple zh ər| noun: a feeling of happy satisfaction.

So says the dictionary on my Macbook Pro. And who am I to deny myself a feeling of happy satisfaction? Life is just too short, I say.

Are you taking part in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge?

EDIT: I just found 3 more pairs of heels that I forgot to photograph, thereby proving my first sentence! This brings my total to 64 pairs of shoes. How many do you have?


All of my high heels


All of my boots

[ It's also just come to my attention that I don't know where my black leather over-the-knee boots are - I'm careless and I'm ashamed! ]


All of my flat shoes

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  • Andrea

    Great idea!! I should really take part in this challenge, but I’m afraid I’m doomed from the start. I have this gorgeous pair of classic black stiletto
    pump! The have been standing in my closet for a few years now… they are so beautiful… but I just can’t walk in them!!!! I could cry, but I’ll
    never get rid of them!! ;)

  • Shoeperwoman

    So glad to have you taking part, Becky, and I LOVE your shoe collection – it’s probably wrong that I enjoy oggling other people’s footwear so much, but if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right :) I can’t wait to see those leopard print boots in action, they look amazing!

  • Jessica

    Woah! That’s a lot of shoes. I don’t have quite that many. I would guess around 20 pairs for myself. Last Spring I went through my whole bedroom and purged any shoes that I had not worn in a long time and clothes (some that still had price tags) that I hadn’t worn in a long time or ever and donated them. I had a card load of things from JUST my bedroom. My sweet little brother helped me cart them off.

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  • Vivi K

    What an amazing collection!
    My shoes are mostly flats, but woah, you have some amazing heels!

  • Sara C.

    my shoes are …pieces of heart! i have one memory with each one of them!
    Sara C.

  • aida

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  • andrea

    Ssssssssh!!! Can u believe it i have Eeeeeek!!!! I daren’t admit it……………………………………………………………………………………………………89 pairs Ooops how did that happen.
    ps dont tell dad xxxxxxx

  • Reena Rai

    I saw the words ‘shoe’, ‘challenge’ and ‘streamline’ and got scared. Bravo on the impressive show collection though, good work!

  • Megan

    Oh my goodness you have so many shoes! And they’re all so cute! This is a great challenge, and I definitely have a few pairs of shoes I could stand to get rid of. Good luck!

  • tumbleweed•twine

    Ooooh, I love your shoes, especially your assortment of boots! Unfortunately, I only have two pairs of boots, one of which is exceedingly battered.. Still, I’m admiring your shoes very much :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  • Catherine

    Oh my. You do have a lot. Good luck with the challenge!!


  • babeonabudgetuk

    Cripes! You’ve made my shoe collection feel wholly inadeqaute. I think my shoe challenge should be to buy more. Ha, ha! Enjoy wearing them all hun. But watch out for the pair that rub – which you had forgotten that they do that – until you get to work and have to wear them for the entire day. We’ve all been there hobbling around the office ;o) x

  • life is a shoe

    I joined the challenge too! good luck to us!

  • Lola

    Your collection of shoes is making me a feel a great deal better about mine because yours is about 5 times bigger!! I LOOOOOVE this challenge, definitely on board! XX

  • Vanilla-Notes from my closet

    I would love to take part in this challenge but I don’t think I have enough pairs to start with… ha ha :) You have some amazing pairs!! Looking forward to hearing how you get on :)

    Love, Vanilla

  • Kylie

    I am definitely a shoe hoarder. My shoes are scattered all over the house so god knows how many I have. I have actually been thinking of having a shoe and clothing clear out. Great shoe collection btw, I love looking at peoples shoes xx

  • Nuha

    this would be the perfect excuse to not feel guilty about getting rid of old shoes…and maybe adding a few new ones? haha, can’t help myself!

  • Anna

    Lovely shoe collection…I remember seeing this challenge the first time round but I’m rubbish at sticking at things. Will take part vicariously through you if that’s OK.

    Looking foward to it. Love the black Office heels by the way xx

  • Andrea

    And my dad thinks I have a lot of shoes – he ain’t seen nothing!

    Andrea x

  • (RMS)

    Wow, that’s a lot of shoes! I can honestly say that I only own ten pairs of shoes, so you’ve got me in that department, for sure!

  • the style crusader

    64?! I am SURE this is way more shoes then I have. I was actually planning on gutting my shoe closet as there are literally only four pairs that I wear on a regular basis… wait, 5.

    Winter: black ankle boots.
    Summer: black & white Converse and flip-flops
    Dress up: Balenciaga boots

    That’s really the only ones I wear often…. so why, oh why… do I have an entire closet full of others that ‘miiiight get worn’ I should just get rid of them.

    Good luck on this challenge. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. xx

  • Maria D.

    wow! this is like my dream shoe closet.

  • Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

    That’s a really neat idea! I only have like 10-15 pairs of shoes, and I still have a few pairs that I never wear! =o

  • Cindy

    Considering the fact that I have shoe for each of my moods, and I have a lot of moods…. My 50 pairs aren’t that much…. right ?

  • Constance

    You have so maany pair of shoes!!!

  • haruka

    Wow that’s quite a collection you have there !
    love it!


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