Concocting a checklist for the Catalan

Barcelona collageIf you followed my old blog you might remember that towards the end of last year I won a holiday to Barcelona after I took part in a styling challenge with MANGO (I know!). The trip is pencilled in for the end of May and I can’t wait! Seriously, daydreaming is all that’s getting me through the current joy of packing up my life at snail pace…although we’ve just picked up the keys for our new place so the end is in sight!

Back to Barcelona; I’ve never been before (although it’s been on my must-visit list for a while) and seeing as you were so helpful in helping me to plan my Paris trip I thought I’d open up the forum and ask you for your tips again if you wouldn’t mind?

What are the must-see attractions?

Do you have any restaurant recommendations?

What essentials should I pack?

All images via my ‘Wanderlust’ board on Pinterest.

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  • Morgan Brooks

    These pictures are so beautiful. Makes me wanna travel. Fabulous choices girl!

  • adele

    I’ve only been once, on a hen do, so we literally spent the days on the beach & the nights in the clubs. I really want to go back to see more of the city, so will be interested to see your post once you’ve been.
    Happy Thursday hun xoxo

  • Chiara

    Becky, I went to Andalucia, Valencia, Madrid… but I’m sorry I’ve never been to Barcelona! but I’d love to! so when you’ll be back I’ll read for sure about your trip!!! :)))

  • Cat

    I loved Barcelona so much when the Texan and I went a couple of years ago, but actually the best day we had was in the nearby seaside town of Sitges… A friend of mine who had lived in Barcelona for a while recommended going and, amazingly, the 30 minute train from Barcelona to Sitges was free! If you have time, even an afternoon, I’d recommend going because it was beautiful :)

  • Anna

    I got back yesterday- you are going to LOVE the shopping!!! Head to Las Ramblas and mooch about- shops on every street… there is also a big old bull ring that has been converted in to a huge mall.

    I am literally this second writing a food guide and some of my photos went up this morning.

    Anna x x

  • celia

    I’m a local so feel free to ask if you need!
    One of my favourite spots is the Caixa Forum museum which is located in an old factory’s modernist building right across the Mies van der Rohe pavilion and close to the MNAC (national art museum). Get lost in the old village behind the cathedral, I recommend a stroll down a street called Banys Nous (you can have traditional sweets made by nuns in a lovely shop You can also have lunch inside the Santa Caterina market.
    I’d say avoid Las Ramblas (specially by night) at all costs, but tourists seem to like it so I don’t really know… the upper part of it (Rambla Catalunya) is much nicer. Other hyped attractions that I don’t think they’re worth it are the Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum.

    If you have time maybe take the train to Figueres and spend the day visiting Dalí’s museum and hometown, although it’s a bit far :)

  • Nadalyn Margaret

    I’m so jealous that you’re going AND! won the styling challenge. Congrats!! I literally just posted my Barcelona pictures from spring break this morning. You MUST go to Milk! It was our favorite breakfast place. Wish I had more suggestions for you but have a blast!

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  • blueoctober

    Oh I LOVE Barcelona, it is gorgeous. I loved the Sagrada Familia (despite the huge cue in boiling sun!) and Parc Guell – Gaudi’s designs are just gorgeous. Enjoy, can’t wait to see your pictures x

    On an side note – HOW have I not discovered your blog before now?! Your photography is brilliant – something to aspire towards!