Making the most of the summer months

A List Of 12 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I love autumn, Christmas and chunky knits make winter just about bearable, and just thinking about summer makes me happy – but spring does nothing for me. Sure it has it’s positives (baby animals, pretty flowers, Easter eggs) but the almost-constant drizzle and lingering chill has me wishing it away.

Every summer there are things I want to do but it always seems to be autumn before I know it. Hopefully writing down my must-dos will mean none of them are forgotten while the sun is still shining (and as we’re still flat-hunting I feel like we can’t plan too much but this little list can be achieved wherever we’re living). What are your plans for the summer? Or if you’re reading from the other hemisphere, for winter?

Also wishing you all a Happy St Patrick’s Day, especially my Irish readers! I am of Irish heritage (Dad’s side) so I’ll be heading to Covent Garden with friends later for some hair of the dog. Eat colcannon, drink Guinness and be merry!

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  • Beautiful Things

    I do love the idea of a champagne picnic at sunset.

  • the style crusader

    Love your list! It all sounds good! I want to make it a point to have fresh flowers around as often as possible… it’s the little things, right? xx

  • Andrea

    Hope you had a great St. Patricks day. :)
    Your list looks great. Such a good idea.

  • chiaweb

    I think the number 3 is my favourite! :)

  • Catherine

    Great idea with the list. I like the one about buying fresh flowers regularly.


  • babeonabudgetuk

    Love this! It’s easy to lose track of the little things when you’re busy, so I think little lists like this are great as a wake up call when you need a boost (and sometimes just because). Hope you have fun making these things happen.

  • veronique!

    Great idea I’ll make my own list too! :)


  • Joyce

    Great list! I want to go rollerblading and get fresh flowers too!

  • (RMS)

    Yay for fresh flowers! I would love to do that too, so I can brighten up my dark cave people call a room, haha. – small GIVEAWAY on my blog <3

  • Lola

    Only just recently realised that you moved from blahblahbecky to here. I hope you’re enjoying your new place?

    Love your list, I have been craving icecream at brighton eversince I saw the amazing mulberry editorial, ohhh the british seaside. Mmm that reminds me, I need to add fish and chips to my list. Fish and chips at the seaside is the best! X

  • Audrey

    Such a lovely list, cannot wait for Summer to be here!
    Be Frassy

  • Sarah Betty

    This is a great list and really gets me thinking of summer. Hampstead Lido would be amazing. It always look so beautiful in the summer!

    Sarah Betty xx

  • Marissa

    Hope you had a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day! We’ve been lucky to have a beautiful spring here this year, so I should be able to get started on my summer wish list soon. Still waiting for the first beach day, though!

  • Frances

    Love the idea of writing a summer bucket list! I tried to do it last year but all I managed was “1. Get a tattoo” – which I did, but I think maybe I needed a few more points… Hope you manage to cross off all of your to-do’s :)