This weekend

A crisp autumn day on London's South Bank, overlooking the Thames and the 'Gherkin'

{Laughing} My sister and her boy have been in town and we all spent 2 days laughing non-stop. We have a somewhat different sense of humour, I feel bad for everyone in our vicinity. Sis and her boy are about to move to Australia for a year…I’m so excited for them and only 17% jealous of their upcoming adventure!

{Eating} I revisited my old ‘hood when I checked out London’s most-hyped new restaurant, Bubbledogs, which (brilliantly) serves hot dogs with champagne. We arrived early but still had to join the back of a queue – the delicious dogs made it worthwhile (though portions are disappointingly small) and our waiter, Snowy, was brilliant.

{Shopping} Saturday meant another trip to Borough Market. Between the 4 of us we spent a small fortune on salami, dips, bread and other ready-to-eat tastiness. Saturday is also the day my belly is happiest. Sis agreed I could post the photo of her (below) on the condition that I tell you the bread she’s eating is the best ever in the world and your lives won’t be complete if you don’t try it.

{Drinking} Autumn heralds the arrival of hot drinks; at Borough I had some of my sis’ mulled apple and the boy’s hot lemon, ginger and honey (perfect for the cold lingering after last week’s flu). My hot chocolate habit is also kicking back in, which I’m very happy about.

{Reading} I just started “We Need To Talk About Kevin“. I know I’m late to the party but after a failed first start I’m really hooked on it now. (I recently shared my autumn reading list, should you be interested.)

What have you been up to this weekend?

Eating bread with lots of toppings at Borough MarketCinnamon doughnut bites at Borough Market, LondonFresh English muffins at Borough Market, London

Post inspired by Skunkboy.

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  • Kiki

    We need to talk about Kevin must be one of my favourite books.
    So much so that after reading that book, I had to read ALL of the books L. Shriver has ever written. LOL
    Haven’t made it to Bubbledogs yet. But I will. :D

  • tania

    yum…English muffins in the states just don’t look as appetizing!!

  • Anna

    Bubble dogs is awesome isn’t it!? I saw your pics on Instagram – glad you had fun! xx

    South Molton St Style

  • Rachael C

    I loved reading we need to talk about Kevin – I watched the movie recently too and it’s pretty intense! x

  • Tara & Jade

    I am suddenly STARVING after reading this post. Those doughnuts look sooo good!