What to take to a blogger event [or, what's in my handbag]

What's in my handbag [blogger event]

What's in my handbag [blogger event]: notebook, phone, pen

What's in my handbag [blogger event]: make up and hairbrush

♥/ Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Shifty bag

1/ Phone – My iPhone 4S is my lifeline: used for tweeting, taking photos, checking other blogs, filming videos, approving blog comments, and of course the odd phone call or text.

2/ Make up – I am never without red lipstick (in this case MAC matte in Ruby Woo), lip pencil (No7 in Fire), and a lip balm tin (Burt’s Bees)*, plus I always carry a hairbrush (I’ve used Denman brushes for as long as I can remember).

3/ Sunglasses (Ray Bans) and an umbrella – Because in London, you never know.

4/ Business cards (holder from Paperchase) - If you must take only one thing, make it these.

5/ A notebook and pen – To jot down other people’s URLs/Twitter handles/email addresses, important brand/product information and anything else you’d like to remember.

6/ Camera, not pictured for obvious reasons, plus any accessories e.g. spare battery, flash gun, alternative lenses, filters, etc.

7/ Chewing gum or mints – Self-explanatory especially if you’re eating any smelly canapés!

8/ House keys and travelcard – And to make even something this mundane seem more fun a diamanté keyring* and pretty card holder.

A woman’s handbag is as personal to her as a diary. It contains her secrets, stories about where she’s been or where she’s going, what type of person she is, what her hobbies are. I’m pretty organised and carry the minimal amount possible as I hate carrying heavy bags: you won’t see any old receipts or empty chewing gum packets here!

I thought I’d do a quick guide on what I recommend taking to any blogger and/or press events you might be going to. Like I said I carry just the essentials but, depending on the type of event your going to, necessary additions could be anything from hairspray to a spare pair of flats.

I’m about to run out of the door with this exact handbag and contents as I’m going to my first TOWIB event, post to follow!

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  • http://lejournaldecasey.blogspot.com/ casey adams

    Nice blog, really I like your work!

  • http://www.prettygreentea.com Prettygreentea

    I hope you have fun at the event ! I wish I didn’t have a heavy bag, you seem so delightfully organised.

  • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy

    love the title of your notebook. all of these are fab things to bring to blogger events. SMART!

  • http://vixenelle.blogspot.com Jessica

    Ha! “Londoners I Met And Liked”, how adorable! I la la la love “What’s In Your Bag” posts, so thank you for this, plus the tips! These are very interesting, and helpful!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  • http://valourandlace.com steph j

    wow, how do you fit so many things into such a tiny bag? that’s amazing. i find that i have this horrid need to carry my entire home with me on my back, so i always buy huge-ass bags, ugh );

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    valour and lace

  • http://www.skinandblister.blogspot.com Anna

    I like all your posts about towib- roundup/outift etc… we briefly met with the wigs on- I had the first one put on. I actually have a really cute photo of you and your camera here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372051479490816&set=a.372010702828227.103604.369223916440239&type=3&theater

    Anna x

  • http://reviewsofvacuums.com Maria D.

    I love the Londoners notebook! If I emptied my purse right now it would be a gigantic mess..