The Lomography La Sardina 35mm camera in Orinoco Orange

Remember my recent post where I shared some photos I’d taken using my new La Sardina camera? As promised I have one to give away and here’s your chance to give it a loving home!

The prize:

A Lomography La Sardina Orinoco Ochre starter pack, containing a La Sardina camera plus a (wonderfully-named) Fritz the Blitz flash, which comes with 4 filters: milky, blue, red and yellow.

How to enter:

1. Follow my blog using one of the options available in the sidebar.

2. Leave a comment telling me what animal (real, extinct or imaginary) you’d most like as a pet and why ;)

3. For an extra entry tweet about this giveaway and tag me – I’m @lifestyleflash_

This giveaway is now CLOSED! Thank you for all of your entries.

Further reading: About Lomography / Getting started with Lomography / 10 Golden Rules of Lomography

Click here to browse the online Lomography Shop and take a look at their upcoming events! Sending a huge thank you to Lomography for their generosity!

The Lomography La Sardina 35mm camera in Orinoco OrangeThe Lomography La Sardina 35mm camera in Orinoco OrangeThe Lomography La Sardina 35mm camera in Orinoco Orange

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  • Claire

    I would be a butterfly as they are symbolic of the afterlife and beautiful

  • Olivia

    I would like a little pet dinosaur with a big roar to keep the neighbours quiet!
    I follow via Blog Lovin (:

  • Andrea

    Seriously, how cute is this camera?
    If I were to get another pet I’d opt for a Llama (because I recently saw some of them on TV and they are so adorable) or a pot-bellied pig… maybe George Clooney needs a new play date for Max. You never know. ;)
    xo Andrea

  • Ria

    I’ve always wanted a Dodo bird! They were cute before they went and got extinct. From the still here category, I’d love to have a Nephrurus levis levis. They are the most amazing little lizards and they look like pokemon, so they cover the imaginary section as well!

  • Kelli

    I would really like to have a wee kitten, extremely mundane but I have never met a kitten before x

  • nadia

    I really want a little pug dog called Ron after Ron Weasley, because they are so cute and lovely. Unfortunately my BF is insisting that if we get a dog it will be a ‘proper sized’ dog, not a ‘little pea’ dog. Funnily, we are about to move into the first flat either of us has lived in that allows pets. There is a cat living there and the first thing he said was “We can have a kitten?!?!” so it looks like I will get to have a kitten soon.

    I’d really like a lomo camera, i was looking at a friends photos from hers and was very jealous! I also like they way they look like toys.

  • chiaweb

    My favourite pet is a CAT, I love them and their own “world”!
    This LOMO is amazing, I wish I could have one and try to take beautiful pics!!!

    I have retweeted your tweet about this giveaway!
    ciao :)

  • Andrea

    I really want a pygmy slo loris. They are adorable and look like a teeny teddy bear. I could keep him in my pocket and pull him out when i wanted a cuddle. xx

  • Zoe

    I’d like a dolphin as a pet because then I’d HAVE to have a big swimming pool to keep it in!

    I follow via hellocotton – floralandfeather

    Zoe x

  • Hamish

    I would have a Siberian Husky dog because it could pull me to work on a sleigh

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Oh my goodness, I have been wanting one of these cameras for so long! Fingers crossed!
    I follow you on Bloglovin’, Twitter and Pinterest, and as for a pet I would like, I would love a little kitten that stayed a kitten forever because they are just too adorable to resist! I like them before they grow up hehe :) Oh, and I retweeted your tweet about the giveaway!! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Priscilla P

    I’m following you via bloglovin :)
    As for a pet…either a corgi or a teacup pig!

  • Sophie Swinney

    I would actually love a pet hedgehog. My favourite animal. Love their little cure faces!

    I follow via bloglovingxx

  • Anna

    I think I’d like to have a dragon. Like maybe a little baby one who could light birthday candles and stuff.

    I reeeeeeally want to win!! X

  • jade

    I’d love a pet cheetah, they are so beautiful but also the easiest big cat to tame. Plus, I quite fancy standing on a rock wistfully with my cheetah as the Justice League call for the help of exceptional people, and thinking yesssss, let’s go Cheets!

    J x

  • David Percival

    I’d love a “Giant Talking Butterfly” because we could have great conversations as she could flew around with me on her back. And she would be a good companion for my pet wasp.

  • Demi-Leigh

    This is such a great prize! I love the photos you took with it.
    Ooooh I’d have to say I’d have a tiger as a pet, not only because they are so beautiful but because they are rapidly decreasing in the wild, which I think is really really sad! So I’d love to have one for my own.

  • Beki

    Id love a pet unicorn. All the benefits of a typical horse but that much better right?! Your very own magical creature that is the Ferrari of all horses! But prettier. Haha

  • London Beauty Queen

    I’d like a dolphin as a pet so I could pretend I was in Flipper. It would be pretty cool to get up and ride a dolphin before breakfast.

  • Terri

    I’m following on Hello Cotton! Helloooo!
    I would most like an Axolotl! The real life Pokémon!!! So cute :)

  • Sam – Wonderland Wigs

    Hi Becky,
    Great blog btw. I love the nude court shoes from M&S in your post on the 3rd, but can’t seem to find any anywhere. M&S only seem to have black or bugundy… going to keep looking. I need those shoes!
    Anyway, on with the comp… I follow you via Google+. And if i were able to pick any pet it would be a baby elephant, they are too cute. It would have to permanently be a baby though, i don’t have room for it to get too big and they are just adorable when they are babies (like anything i guess). My kids would love it sooo much, and i think it would be a hit when they start school too. Could you imagine the fun water fights we could have in the garden in the summer :) I would call her tiddler.
    Sam x

    • Becky

      Hi Sam,

      First of all, good choice of pet (and definitely wise to keep it in it’s infant state)!

      Regarding the shoes, I believe they’ve sold out of the nude colour online now (sorry!). It’s always worth checking your local store but as they’re part of the new collection I’m sure they’ll get more in stock soon.

      Becky x

  • Natalie

    Amazing giveaway!

    It is a toss up between a meerkat and a penguin, I am obsessed with both!


  • Audrey R.S.

    I love cats.I actually have one,and is the best thing of my life.Why a cat?Because is very cute,fluffy and always there for you to make you feel better.

  • Elif Onay

    Hello! I have no chance of buying a pet until I’m probably married and that is because my mother is afraid of all kinds of animals. From chickens to dogs, even fish. Yes so it gets pretty lonely around here but if I had a chance would definitely buy a cat. People think that they are not loyal and friendly but I think otherwise. The love to cuddle and they are super cute when you get them as kittens! *sigh*
    I’m following you on twitter @gazozailac :)

  • The Style Box

    Ooohh would love one of those :) I follow you using Bloglovin’ already :)

    If I could have any animal as a pet, it would definitely be a raccoon. But not just any raccoon. It would be Meeko from Pocahontas. I was obsessed when I was little and had the Pocahontas barbie that came with a little Meeko and you clipped her hair in it and he twirled around and twisted it together so it looked pretty. I have since learned that raccoons are actually not very nice creatures but Meeko was awesome. We could just run around the forest together talking to trees :)

    What would you have as a pet?


  • islay

    I follow on hello cotton!

    oh my gosh, this camera is stunning! It’s so retro and quirky!
    If I had to choose an animal to have as a pet it would HAVE to be a panda! They’re just so fluffy and cuddly! I’ve loved them since I was given a toy panda when I was born but the closest I ever got to one was in a zoo in America! I’m not sure he would fit in my bedroom, but his name would be panda (because my toy is called Panda) and I’m not sure where I would get the bamboo from, maybe my mum would have to give up her garden so I can grow it…
    Haha thankyou again for the giveaway, I can’t wait to read more of your posts!


  • Hayley

    How amazeballs is this camera giveaway Becky! So glad I spotted it on your Pinterest lady! :)

    I had a baby pet duck recently who was adorable and loved his little bath and daily swims – sadly he got eaten by a fox but as a first choice I’d have him back.
    Otherwise I’d want this penguin – because he is just too cool –

    H x

  • Andrea

    “Dads entry” He said he would like to be a cheetah because they run fast!!!! Probably because he doesn’t Haha!! xx

  • camilla

    i’d like a meerkat, because in my next life I want to be a meerkat- and then i’ll already have a bestie in the meerkat community!

    if that’s a bit unrealistic, i’d just want a golden labrador, i’d call it thunder and then when it ran towards me i could yell ‘HERE COMES THUNDER’ and it could be besties with my chocolate lab Snoopy

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Kelly

    Amazing giveaway :)
    Already following you on bloglovin
    I would love to have a tortoise as a pet. They are so chilled out and mellow and they are with you for life :)

  • Lola

    It’s beautiful! I would love to win one, I am following you on twitter now and I am going to tweet about it too! x

  • Sara Strauss

    Cool camera! I follow you via Twitter (@strauss8922) and Pinterest (sara_strauss)!
    I would probably want a pheonix or maybe a mini dragon!!

  • Bee

    I already own the most BEAutiful Westie (not that I’m biased) but I’m pretty sure I’m destined to live on a farm. I want cows, sheep, piggies and definitely lots more Westies. It’s definitely going to have to be a farm to house us all.

  • Ezgi

    Great Giveaway! I’m following you on Twitter (@Gercek__) and I also tweeted about the giveaway: . I would love to have a Koala! Just because they are so cute and cuddly. I can just cuddle with it the whole day. It’s so cute and fury! :)

  • Abbie

    i would like a pet Kangaroo if that is spelt right haha. i would like this animal as a pet because they are wild but so soft an have a pouch on there belly which is an advantage because if i ever wanted to go anywhere i could just hop in an they would take me an they are also fast at hopping! it would be trained and friendly. Another thing they are also tall an can scare anyone away unwanted so i would not be afraid of anything!

    Abbie xxx

  • Kate


    You’re Blog is lush. I love it :) such style and Class – with wonderful pics :)

    As for a pet, Hmmm, So it would have to be a pet that loved tea (I’m a huge tea head) it would have to enjoy making tea and eating cake. It would also be great to have a pet that was quite small, for ease, but also to tell me whether my skirt was too short and people see up in (its happened before) It wouldn’t have to be pretty or flawless, but would have to be cute maybe a little bit fluffy but, without the malting. It would be named Rittoddingtontea… and lives at the bottom of my garden Rittoddingtontea :)

    Keep up the amazing blog work :)

  • Elif Onay

    I tweeted about the giveaway for an extra entry. You can find it here. Thanks so much x.x

  • Angie

    Thank you for the lovely comment, this is seriously the BEST giveaway ever!
    If I could have any animal as a pet it would be a sweet kitten because I have always loved these beautiful creatures, but my entire family seems to have an obsession with every other animal except cats! It would be a dream come true to have a kitten to call my own! xx

  • Andrea

    -Art a la Rue

  • Mimi

    Lovely prize I have recently have fallen in love with Lomography.
    And my pet will have to be a Lion, first of all I love cats hence the Lion. I also think they are beautiful animals and I would be able to take lots of pictures of him on my La Sardina camera :) I also would be able to ride him everywhere, who needs a car, and everyone will let m pass :)

    I am following…hehe!

    Mimi x

  • saboskirt

    I’m so much in love with this camera.
    I love puppy/dog so much! They are so loyal in me!
    I’ve already follow you as [email protected]

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  • Sibel

    I could have a lion as a pet because I love being a leader and lions are king of the jungle. We would really get along well! Haha. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m following via twitter @pamuksibel

  • Julia Henderson

    Oh wow, I would love to win this, it’s perfect!
    I really would love a snow leopard! I had a toy snow leopard when I was younger and I loved it and hugged it to death, they’re so sweet looking!

    Julia x

  • Katie Crawford

    I would choose an orangutan, cause I have red hair so we would have that in common and they are just really fascinating and considerate animals.

    This camera is amazing!


  • Becky (!)

    Well, I already have 3 cats who I love dearly so I would go for the (slightly mythical) dog from the film UP – you know, the one that talks….I can’t remember his name but he was sooo cool! (Squirrels!) If you don’t know him then you have to watch that film. (“I was hiding under your porch because I love you”)
    I’m following and I tweeted about the comp so I hope I win!
    Love Becky x

  • Rachael C

    Hi! I follow via both BlogLovin’ and Hellocotton (Island Girl) and I think I’d like to own a penguin as a pet, I was obsessed with Pingu as a child and have always wanted one. A monkey would also be awesome! x

  • Geraldine Lai

    The Emperor Penguin, they live their entire life in the Antarctic, never leave and seem to be satisfied with what life has to offer them, what a great state of mind to be in ~ satisfied.

  • Mariana

    Without a question: a platypus! It has always been my favourite animal. I love that they’re weird, aquatic and neither mammals or marsupials. They’re unique in every single way :)

    [I am following you via Bloglovin' and also following your boards on Pinterest :)]

    I may just tweet too ;)

  • Millie

    Great give away :o)
    Following you via Bloglovin – [email protected]
    i love my dog to bits but would love it even more if she could talk so a talking dog :o)
    Tweeted about the give away:

  • Nina

    I always wanted to have such an amazing lomo and I really want it! So, without being extra unique, I want to be a gerbil. Gerbils are little mice, which are overexcited every day and in my opinon, the only cute micespecies ( they dont look like rats). I had two of them 2 years ago, called Fred and George from Harry Potter. If I were one of them I would be happy about every little thing and would care about nothing exept food, sleep and my instincts.

  • emma iannarilli

    Great prize. Following on bloglovin.
    I would choose a Dodo…because no one else would have one, and when anyone said that old saying ‘as dead as a dodo’ I would be able to say ‘ahem…do you mind!’
    Tweeted too.

  •!/adelyneliu Adelyne L.

    I’d have a Thunderbird as my pet. They are gigantic birds with wingspans of up to 4m and have been spotted throughout history. Don’t know if they still/really exist… some say they are a myth. But it would be super awesome to be able to ride it around and take pictures from up high.

  • jemma

    hi gorgeous! loving all the photos so thought I would enter. I want a pet dolphin in a huge pool in my mahusive imaginary garden, I also want a pet koala bear for cuddles. x

  • Toralee Emily

    I’d like a giraffe because at 5ft3 I’ve always dreamed about being that tall and not getting claustrophobic or sweaty armpits in my face in crowds. I figure if I can’t be one, the next best thing would be to have one and then it can give me a ride and crowds can be avoided.

    Love your blog!

  • theheadlessmannequin

    Following your lovely blog on bloglovin. I would be a Red Panda – they’re apparently even more endangered than the regular pandas but I went on hols to China two years ago and apparently they’re known as the Inferior Panda there and I have a tendency to root for the underdog :)

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  • Jayne

    Gosh I’ve been desperate for one of these cameras for years but not allowed to buy seeing as I have three digital cameras already!

    Can I have that orange blobby thing off the e-on advert as a pet please? That counts right?

  • Ellie Clark

    Such an adorable prize! I would probably be a pug, simply because they’re so care free and cute! And come on, who doesn’t love a pug? :’) My tweet is here! :)x

  • Toni C

    3 words – Marcel from Friends :)
    We had our first fight this morning. I think it has to do with my working late. I said some things that I didn’t mean, and he threw some feces… X

  • Eve Maria

    I’d get a cat. It sounds boring but I’ve literally lived with cats my whole life and it’s only in the past year I haven’t had one and I miss them. :) I’m following via gfc.

  • jeccica simpson

    I would love to own a giraffe, there so amazing to watch

    I tweeted


  • Liz

    I would love a pet Aye-aye, because I think they are adorable but mostly because they remind me of the cute little creature from Flight of The Navigator

  • AnnaJosefin

    What a wonderful giveaway!
    I’ve always wanted a pet but my sister is afraid of almost all animals so all we’ve ever had are fish. My bf says that we’re getting a dog though (a hypoallergenic one since he’s allergic but a dog nonetheless). If I could have any pet I would have a shark. I love the water more than anything (sailing, swimming etc.) and as unconventional as it is I’ve wanted a pet shark since primary school and I stand by that desire!

  • Bella

    Gosh, you’re so lovely! :)
    There are a million pets I could choose from, but I can’t deny an Adipose (DW). They are so squishy and cute, very irresistible!
    And hey, maybe my Adipose can call on his friends and relieve me from some of them that lies inside me if you know what I mean ;)

    Have a nice day :)

  • tania

    hello! your newest follower here! i would like a pet elephant because i think they are the most genteel and humanist of all animals. plus some of them can paint with their trunks!

    PS. i LOVE your photography!

  • Guia

    If it were possible, I would love to get a Dodo as a pet. They are (well, were) so cute! I can imagine it jigging about in my garden.
    Have a nice day

  • Sam

    I’d like a Giraffe, then I wouldn’t need to use a stool again ;)

    Great giveaway x

  • Molly

    If i could have any pet , i would have a Chicken !
    Not only are they cute but they give free eggs aswell and who doesn’t like scrambled egg and tea for breakfast

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  • Je ne suis pas blog

    I’d like to have an hippogriff, like Buckbeack in Harry Potter! Hippogriff is an animal proud and beautiful… He flies, runs, could replace cars and would be a good “dog”, so safety stay with him!

    FOLLOW ME ON Je-Ne-Suis-Pas-Blog

  • Justin Browne

    if I had a pet it would most likely to be a Jackal,which is a wild wolf and because it captures to me the sense of Ancient Egypt and they also have a distinct look about them that makes them fierce!

    not sure if this is over but worth a try,thank you:-)