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Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush

I’ve never been happy with my teeth. I had them whitened in 2010, though copious amounts have tea has ruined the effect somewhat, and I had braces while at school (luckily they weren’t only common but actually seen as quite cool). Having used an electric tooth brush for years I’m confident that once you use one you never go back, so when I was asked to review Colgate’s ProClinical A1500 just as my brush was coming to the end of it’s life I jumped at the chance.

As far as toothbrushes go it’s very sophisticated but super-sleek and easy to use: the only buttons are On/Off and Mode. I’m using Deep Clean once weekly but mainly stick with Automatic, where hidden sensors detect which part of the mouth you’re brushing and adjust to whichever mode cleans that area most effectively. A bonus point is that it comes with a slim plastic case, perfect for slipping in a suitcase/handbag.

The only negatives are that the charger only comes with a shaving plug (I bought this cheap and cheerful shaver adaptor) and you can only change modes when the brush is switched on, when it can be tricky to tell what you’re selecting. Aside from that it’s a really fantastic product: my teeth are squeaky clean and looking whiter than they have for a long time! I recommend using with this magical whitening toothpaste for sparkling pearly whites. I’m so much happier with my smile! Do you have issues with your teeth?

You can buy the Colgate ProClinical A1500 exclusively at Boots.

Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrushColgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush

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  • Andrea

    I cant live without my electric toothbrush,just not the same with a toothbrush. I need a new one and will now consider this one :) Thanks