My humble abode

Bottles of perfume and flowers in a vintage Kilner jar

I love a good poke around other people’s homes so now I’m pretty much settled in my new house I thought I’d give you a little tour of my room! It’s tricky to personalise rented accommodation and furnished properties usually contain a mish-mash of landlords’ old rejects; I’ve been very fortunate in that Argos gave me some really lovely bits and pieces that’ve helped make my new place instantly feel like home.

The 8-cube storage unit is possibly my favourite piece in that it’s both practical and pretty: it’s the perfect place to keep books but I’m also using it to display some shoes and other random knick-knacks that’re too lovely and/or sentimental to be kept hidden away. It can be also be used stood-up but currently I’m opting to use it lay-down so it doubles as a seat for me to perch on while putting my shoes on – these Union Jack cushions keep my derriere comfortable!

I have a real love for old film and photography equipment so I’m also quite taken by this retro photographic lamp (with tripod floor legs) by Habitat; it’s quite the statement piece, I think you’ll agree, and gives off the perfect, cosy glow when I’m reading in bed.

I have a couple of other pieces to show you later in the week, meanwhile if you’re in need of interior design inspiration take a peek at Argos’ Pinterest boards (and my own too!).

8-cube storage unit organisation ideasHabitat photographic tripod lamp | Daffodils in vintage Kilner jarKurt Geiger glittery "Leonardo" brogues in silverHabitat photographic tripod lamp & Audrey Hepburn printBooks, Holga camera & sentimental knick knacks

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  • Erin Bleakley

    Such a fun group of photos! I love viewing into people’s homes! It’s so personal and so inspiring!


    Erin @

  • Maddie

    I love your new place! Slightly jealous of your perfume collection and you’ve reminded me to order the quiet London book which I’ve been meaning to do for ages! Great post xxx

  • The Style Box

    So chic! And tidy!! And hello sparkly shoes!! x

  • Meeha Meeja

    Wow, your room is full of treasures, from the bunch of sunny flowers to those glitter shoes, yay! Following you now on Hellocotton :)

  • Hannah

    I love the 8 cube storage unit :) I’m always on the lookout for interior and design ideas, and your home looks lovely from the glimpse you have shown here :) beautiful daffodils too! Is it that time of year already? I must go out hunting for local daffodils, they’re definitely a favourite :) xx

    Hannah at

  • just-mwa-apo

    Great photos ! Love the shoes

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