Pleated leather skirt

Pleated leather skirt, blue button-up shirt, army jacket

Somewhere between the girly vibe of a pleated mini skirt and the rebel-cool only (faux) leather provides, Karl Lagerfeld has created my dream skirt. I recently realised that I’ve become almost reliant on trousers/jeans so one of this year’s style resolutions is to reacquaint myself with my ample collection of skirts and dresses.

Another way I want to revamp my look is by wearing more colour; it’s not exactly escaped my attention that my wardrobe mainly consists of blacks, blues, greys and whites (besides, my ASOS Fashion Finder page really can’t be argued with) so this year I want to embrace my inner rainbow and inject more brights into my look!

Have you set any style challenges or resolutions this year? Inspiring by Anna I’m focussing on a word instead; 2013 signals big changes for me so by keeping ‘courage‘ in mind I hope I’ll be able to face the difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made so we can embark on the path that’s right for us! (As Liz Lemon says: “Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing. I read that on a tea bag”.) Happy weekend!

Gold bee necklace + buttoned-up shirtBlack leather broguesPleated leather skirt, blue button-up shirt, army jacket

What I wore: Issue 1.3 button-up shirt* | KARL faux leather skirt | H&M army jacket (old) | Jones leather brogues (old) | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Next bee necklace* | M&S tights | Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 01

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  • Elle Croft

    OK, that’s a fabulous skirt! Would look cute with a bright knit jumper over the top too…!
    All the best with your style resolution, and with whatever it is in your life that requires courage. I know you can do it!


    lovely outfit:) i think a statement necklace would also look good

  • Notting Hill Girl

    Loving this skirt! I’m assuming it’s easier to clean than a leather skirt? I hate paying a small fortune to clean my leather pieces xx

  • Kylie

    Yes my words would be commitment. I start a lot of things and finish nothing. In all aspects of my life. I hope you find the courage to change whatever needs changing. If it is on your heart then I guess you need to bite the bullet! Best of luck for 2013. You look gorge btw xxx

  • Joanna Biddolph

    On wearing colours – it is so worth having your colours done so you know in which colours you look a million dollars. I really rate House of Colour (the rival companies are less profound) and having my colours (and later my style) done changed my life. I never buy mistakes that don’t get worn (which means having more to spend on things that always work, whatever the occasion) and everything goes with everything else. It’s not about forcing you to avoid colours; it’s about knowing which shades work best for you. Really worth the cost plus if you do it with a couple of friends it’s a fabulous girly day out. Also, seeing someone else being transformed in front of you shows just how much you are being transformed, too. Really worth it. I’m not connected with House of Colour; just a very happy customer. I’ve given colours or style sessions as presents to friends, and godchildren, and they’ve all loved it and got so much out of it.

  • Hannah

    That skirt is lovely! It really suits you :) though I think you could pull pretty much anything off! Good luck with your resolutions – I feel I should probably add a bit more colour to my daily wear too :) x

  • Amy

    You look gorgeous. I love the shirt especially. Funnily enough, I’m working on a One Skirt, Five Ways post featuring an almost identical skirt. I will tell you when it’s up!

  • Kathrin / 6 FOOT ONE

    Love that little golden bumble bee necklace! So cute with the jeans shirt <3 Love your outfit!

  • Kate

    Mmm… shoes and dainty necklace!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  • Sarah

    This is CUTE. I didn’t realise the Karl Kollection had one of these skirts!

    Wear what you like, when you like. If you fancy wearing a bright colour, go for it! If you don’t, then.. well, don’t.

  • Ditsy print

    Good resolution! Mine is to do the same! Wear my dresses more and jeans less!

  • the style crusader

    Love your simple outfit! The denim and army camo looks perfect together! xx

  • Tania

    i’m a huge fan of that skirt–so lovely