Fashionable films: The Help

Screenshot from The Help

I recently (finally) got round to reading The Help; the book and the film have been on my list for a year or two but I always prefer to read books before seeing the film adaptation. Of course, I loved it so I watched the movie last weekend and I thought I’d share some of my favourite costumes with you – you know I love 1960s fashion!

Costume Designer Sharen Davis described the wardrobe as “probably the most colour I’ve ever used in my life”.  She spent around $15,000 on accessories and made 50 outfits herself using fabric she’d sourced from vintage/charity shops [source]. One of my favourite vintage finds is Emma Stone’s gorgeous cats-eye spectacles: there are some incredibly similar, and so equally gorgeous, options by Prada glasses and Bolle do a great modern take on vintage styles (with cute tortoiseshell and pastel-coloured frames).

The other characters may have thought her ‘white trash’ but I loved Celia Foote/Jessica Chastain’s costumes.  Jessica Chastain reportedly ate melted soy ice cream to gain weight for the role [source] and the curvy look definitely works for her, she looks fabulous! Have you read/seen The Help? Did you love it too? For more gorgeous glasses be sure to check out!

Click to buy The Help at the Book Depository or Amazon.

Screenshot from The HelpScreenshot from The HelpScreenshot from The HelpScreenshot from The HelpScreenshot from The Help

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  • Amber-Rose Thomas

    Oh gracious how I loved this film! I didn’t realise it was a book when I saw the film though, so I’ve been meaning to read it since.

    The costumes were all perfect in this. :)

    Amber xo

  • Andrea

    God I love the movie and the book!! Such a fantastic and touching story! And don’t get me started on the costumes. So great!! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • RCagz

    I adore the film and just love the book when I read it last year too. Ceilia’s costumes were my favourite when I watched it :) I always loved the contrast between her character and Hilly’s/Bryce Dallas Howard xoxo

  • The Style Box

    I love love love this movie. And Jessica Chastain looks so incredible in it. And obviously Emma Stone just plain rocks x


    FAB post my sweet. Great flick. BEAUTS costume. xxx

  • Elle Croft

    Agreed; I also LOVED Jessica Chastain’s looks in this…one of my favourite books, and also a surprisingly good film adaptation.

  • daria

    I loved it, it’s such a beautiful story and so beautifully “designed”. I’d like to read the book, too!