Back in the nest

A collage of iPhone and Instagram photos from my weekend in Manchester

Lana Del Rey “Diet Mountain Dew”

Straight after work on Friday I took a short, sunshine-y stroll to Euston and was at my parents’ house shortly after 8pm. (Bless you Virgin Trains for being super-speedy even if your seats are horrendously uncomfortable.)

I’ve not been home since Christmas so it was lovely to have some dedicated family time (I’ve also not been home without Chris for god knows how long and usually meet up with friends whenever I’m home too).


On Saturday morning I went shopping with my Mum and Dad: I got myself quite a few things this weekend, Mummy treated me to some bits too, and Daddy took us for lunch. Happy face.

In the afternoon I went to my Nanna and Grandad’s house, in a pretty, village-y part of town, where all the family are welcome at any time; there were several of us there catching up and comparing new handbags yesterday. I don’t care what anyone says, my grandparents are the loveliest people in the whole world! My Nanna sometimes reads my blog on my Aunty’s iPad (how cool is that, seriously?) so if you’re reading this hi Nanna! :)

In the evening my Mum and I popped round to my cousin’s house for some girl-time over tea and TV with her and my Aunty (who now lives in the Philippines – I know, so unfair). We had a good giggle over Britain’s Got Talent, a programme I don’t usually watch – it really does make me worry for the mental health of this country.


The weather was gorgeous again today. I came into Manchester city centre with my parents and we enjoyed a stroll down the ship canal, a bit more shopping, and a cheeky pint of cider in the gay village.

I’m now on the train home, first class this time (because I’m fancy like that when I pre-booked my ticket it cost £2 more than standard!) so free internet means quality blogging time and catching up on the latest episode of Homeland (my new addiction).


I didn’t take many photos, at least not that I can share yet. I’m currently playing with a new film camera (loving it) and when I reach 200 followers I’ll be giving one away! Make sure you’re eligible to enter by following me here! All the cool kids are doing it ;)

So did you all have a nice weekend? What did you get up to?

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  • Claire

    Nanna says HI safe journey x

  • Andrea

    Sometimes weekends like these are just what the doctor ordered!! I love your bag! So pretty. :)

  • Frances

    I love Manchester in the sunshine! I’m home at the moment and planning a little trip into the city soon, fingers crossed the gorgeous weather holds out… XX

  • Dlight

    Beautiful pics! Very inspiring!
    You have one new follower!

    Dlight from Paris

    La Rue A Du Style

  • andrea

    Went looking for the plane again yesterday in Liverpool.It was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t meant to be :(( xxx

  • Isa

    Awww looks like you had a wicked time my lovely. I’m off to Liverpool this weekend, first time ever . Gonna see how you guys up north party!!!