Judy’s Vintage Fair: Bethnal Green Social

Judy's Bethnal Green Social Fair, February 2012If you read my previous blog you may remember a post when I raved about the new venture by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Judy’s at Spitalfields (edit: old blog now defunct). After popping to my first Bethnal Green Social on Sunday I thought I’d do another post about these most fabulous of fairs.

Judy’s Socials aim to provide even more than just the usual reasonably-priced vintage clothing, accessories, homewares, art, furniture, records, magazines, and vintage-inspired wares (not forgetting the incredibly friendly traders); there is also live music from performers and DJs, a bar, tea and cake, and space to relax with magazines and board games.

Judy and co. are still touring the UK to bring purse-friendly vintage to the masses and they have lots of events lined up over the next few months. They’re the kind of fairs you just can’t leave without making a couple of little purchases (in this case presents for my Mum’s birthday next month, not pictured obviously!).

Find out more about Judy’s Vintage Fairs.

York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PJ (nearest tube Bethnal Green)

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Judy's Bethnal Green Social Fair, February 2012 - vintage Louboutins and a rack of knitwear

Judy's Bethnal Green Social Fair, February 2012 - cupcakes and American motel keys

Judy's Bethnal Green Social Fair, February 2012 - vintage magazines and buttons

Judy's Bethnal Green Social Fair, February 2012 - list of performers and Natalie Ross on stage

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  • http://www.hivenn.com jazzy elizabeth

    I actually really fancy an american motel key! Lovely post.

  • http://www.intotheblonde.com/ adele

    This place looks fab for a mooch around, you could really lose yourself here!

  • http://thewellappointedcatwalk.com Marissa

    Vintage Laboutins and cupcakes? I’m in! :)

  • http://www.thegirlwholookslikeacake.blogspot.com/ nadia

    i was wondering about how good this was going to be. it looks fantastic, i’ll deff go to the next one.

  • http://www.cheapoclothing.com rashmi

    Look at those pink shoes… I love them!

  • http://memoirmode.com Kylie

    Not sure I could even afford affordable vintage at this moment in time haha. Looks fab though. I might just check one out for the experience xx

  • http://cheapoclothing.com Maria D.

    The shoes are adorable, this place looks like heaven!

  • http://cottoncandy-peaches.blogspot.com/ aida

    Hi gorgeous,
    just found your amazing blog by chance while peeking on others and i must tell you that it´s so lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] that it kept me totally hooked. I’m your new follower and would like to invite you to visit mine and to follow back if you appreciate it.
    wish you lots of success!!!