Birthday wishlist

Birthday wishlist collage

Phone Case | Palette | Watch | HatTrainers | Lip Balm | Handbag | Fragrance | Headphones

In less than a month, I’ll be 27-years-old: I can’t actually believe I’m about to cross the line from mid- to late-twenties.  Rather than focussing on the negatives, I’ve been happily planning a celebratory staycation and collating a gift wishlist.  You know where to find me ;)

As seems to be tradition these days, I’ve also started making a ’30 before 30′ list – any ideas as to what I should put on there?

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  • Andrea

    Great picks!! I’d take any of it without complaining!! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Rachael C

    That phone case is the cutest ever!! x

  • Livi Law

    LOVE chubby stick… And I really want to Naked palette, if you get it PLEASE review! xo

  • notsopoisonousivy

    wow, I had to re-read that, you don’t look at all 26-whatever you are doing, keep on doing it cos it working wonders on you. I know it sounds cliche but how bout bungee jumping or sky diving or better yet go see the 7 wonders of the world (not quite sure what they are actually)


  • Hannah

    I have to agree with the above person – you do not look 26 at all!! I love the idea of a ’30 before 30′ list, I’d love to see what you have on it :) I started making a ’25 before 25′ list, but I didn’t get very far with it!! Lovely wishlist – the bowler hat is fab. I bought a similar bowler hat a year or so ago on Ebay and I have been in love with it ever since! It is perfect for Autumn :) x

  • lola

    oooh so many things I like on here, the headphones are really cool, I’ve been on the lookout for a decent pair, the gym I go to plays the most awful music and what’s worse they have this playing on a loop, need a pair of decent headphones to drown out the noise! 30 before 30 list sounds good, any travelling that you might wanna do? X

  • chiaweb

    lovely wishlist, the candy bag is in mine as well even if I think Furla made better bags ;)

  • Atiqa

    Haha those headphones are pretty awesome!

  • Ting

    Beautiful blog! x

  • tania

    Great picks! I have the Naked palette and personally I prefer the Naked 2 (the colors, but also the case and brush are definitely better because the regular Naked palette attracts dust/make up particles and becomes SO dirty!) But both are definitely worth the investment in my experience because I feel like all of my other eyeshadows have become completely obsolete and I pretty much never have to buy anything else again! Also I got a free clinique chubby stick when they were giving them away in the free gift set with purchases and I love it so much!!

  • Eva

    The Michael Kors watch and the NAKED palette are also on my wishlist :) Unfortunately, I have to wait till October :(

    Here’s the link to my Giveaway:

    xoxo Eva

  • jo

    I love the red telephone box phone case and the headphones are amazing. Great bday picks.

    Jo. x

  • T Carter

    I have that watch! Bought from the US for £157 ($225 + tax) and it is well worth the money, it’s gorgeous!