Cornwall on film

'Smile' written in the sand

I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering where this year went. How is it October?! If I was in any doubt, this morning’s drizzly skies confirmed the calendar doesn’t lie; the dark mornings/nights are well and truly here. Joy!

The boy and I are still recovering from what we call our ‘Cornwall blues’ (I won’t lie, there’s been full-on sulking on my part) so it was bittersweet to receive this little bundle of La Sardina photos back from the printers. If nothing else, it’s nice to reminisce about sunnier days. Happy Monday!

Relaxing at the Scarlet hotel

↑ Relaxing at the Scarlet hotel ↑

Padstow's quaint harbour

↑ The quaint little harbour at Padstow ↑

Walking barefoot on Mawgan Porth Beach

↑ Enjoying the fresh sea air on Mawgan Porth Beach ↑

Stunningly blue, cloud-streaked sky

↑ Stunning cloud-streaked blue sky ↑

Running free on the beach

↑ Running wild on the sand ↑

The gorgeous outdoor pool at the Scarlet hotel

↑ The Scarlet’s beautiful outdoor pool ↑

Enjoying the sunset from our hot tub at the Scarlet hotel

↑ Watching the sun go down from our cliff-top hot tub ↑

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  • Ire

    Lovely pictures! I feel the same, the year has gone by so fast!

  • The Style Box

    Ahhh! They’re amazing photos!!! Love the one of you in the hot tub and on the beach :)

  • adele

    Fab photos the hot tub looks a real treat!
    Would love you to check out my Sept outfit review.
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  • Temporary:Secretary

    Becky! Thank you for the heads up about the pixelated font. Have no idea what’s happened as it is normal on my laptop, and computer. Going to get my geeky friend to investigate it, so thank you for bringing it to my attention! Your blog is looking lovely and beautiful, these photos on your latest post is really nice. Makes me want to start using film cameras again. xxx

    • Becky

      Thanks so much, Sarah, and no worries – I’d hate it if I had some kind of error with my blog and I didn’t know about it in order to fix it! xx

  • rosie

    I love that about film, that you get to relive the memories some time afterwards rather than putting the photos on your computer immediately afterwards, reviewing them and then not thinking about your holiday or trip again! And film just has something magical about it, love the Padstow and beach photos. And um, clifftop hot tub! Sounds amazing! X

  • Kate

    This looks amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful time! xx

  • Anna

    mmmmmmmmmmmm cliff top hot tub. I’m usually anti-hot tub but my goodness, I just went green with envy at that photo!

  • Sarah

    I’m with you here; I’ve wasted a fair bit of time just pondering where this year has gone. Lovely photos, there’s nothing like not knowing what your pictures are going to turn out like..!

  • Sarah Betty

    This is such a cute post. I love the photos and have never been to Cornwall and now need to go xx