Meet Mavis

Wearing REISS bright wool coat and Firmoo geek glasses

I’m a spectacle lover but had resigned myself to the fact they just didn’t suit me (see also: hats) so when Firmoo offered to send me a pair I even started typing my ”thanks but no thanks” reply before the vague possibility of finding flattering glasses got the better of me. Hooray for curiosity!

Not only did I have 15 solid minutes of fun playing with their Virtual Try-On widget, I’m considering it time well spent as I don’t think these don’t look half bad! My boy even thinks they’re cute and he’s not a fan of geek glasses. I know it’s probably weird but I feel kind of incognito with them on; I’ve named my specs-wearing alter-ego Mavis and I’m blaming her for all my misdemeanours ;)

What do you think? Firmoo actually give everyone their first pair of glasses/sunglasses completely free so I really recommend taking a look at their site – they even have a pair with gorgeous wooden frames!

Wearing Firmoo geek glasses and REISS bright wool coatMarc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Shifty bag

What I wore: Firmoo geek glasses* | REISS cocoon coat (via TK Maxx)* | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (via Bloomingdales) | Topshop ballet flats | M&S tights

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  • ginger from the style of being

    Well hello Mavis. I do like the glasses. Don’t take credit for all of Becky’s mischief though, every girl needs a little color to her reputation.

  • Atiqa

    I personally think they look great on you….but that’s just my opinion

  • Olivia Law

    You look lovely! I love your coat xo

  • Andrea

    These look so cute and they suit you perfectly. I’m currently waiting for some sunglasses from Firmoo. Can’t wait to get them.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Maki | Moon River Travels

    They look super cute! I’m sure there’s a hat somewhere out there that you’ll look cute with, too ;)

  • Rosie

    Looking absolutely beautiful as usual! Love the red phonebox backdrop, is that where you nip into to become Mavis? ;) xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  • the style crusader

    These glasses look awesome on you! xx

  • Sarah Betty

    Omg you look so cute with them, way better than I ever would. I think you’d look fab in red ones too xx

  • PinkBow

    Oh Becky, you totally suit these! Lovely to meet you the other night, will definitely have to arrange another meet very soon x

  • Emma

    Just came across your blog, absolutely love the whole layout and aesthetic of it!

    Your coat is beautiful!

  • Amy

    Mate, they REALLY suite you! And my sense of colour is really lovely that blue coat against all the red telephone boxes. YUM

  • Helen

    I love these photos, especially in front of the red telephone boxes!