Frock Me! with friends

Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair, Chelsea, April 2012In my opinion Sundays are made for rummaging at fairs, boot sales and thrift stores and last weekend the lovely Anna invited me to Frock Me!, a vintage fashion fair held every few weeks in Chelsea. Running fashionably late (as ever) I met her, Katrina, Gem and Sundari in the Town Hall’s tea room where they were warming up with tea and cakes.

The fair couldn’t have had a better setting; the Town Hall is beautiful! There were lots of stalls selling vintage clothing and accessories from the 1920s through to the 80s, and I spotted pieces from Chanel, Dior, Mulberry, Christian Lacroix and Burberry.

Unfortunately though, in my opinion there were issues with this fair. First, most stalls were pricey and I’m not talking justifiably a bit expensive – Kristina had her eye on a yellow dress that turned out to be £600. Wowsers. Secondly, and I hate to say this, a lot of stallholders were quite rude. Here’s an example:

Stallholder: “Are you taking photos?”

Me: “Well I was going to…”

Stallholder: “Well don’t.”

Bear in mind there were no ‘no photography’ signs and personally I think a “please” wouldn’t have gone amiss. So after a quick browse we left with just a lace trim (Anna) and a book (me). Would I recommend this fair? Well, I’d much rather go to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair with it’s cheap-as-chips price tags and jovial stallholders (there are 3 events on this weekend if you’re interested!).

We then trawled through some local charity shops before fighting against the mass of Chelsea supporters to find a place to refuel.

Vintage threads, lace and trimmingsKatrina wearing a top hatVintage diamante costume jewellerySundari wearing a vintage veiled hatVintage French fashion magazinesBook: "What Would Audrey Do?"

Bloggers will be bloggers…

Of course, it was inevitable that at some point we’d locate a brick wall against which to take some outfit photos.

I wore my new favourite shirt (something I picked up last weekend from Zara in Birmingham where I met up with my BFF for the day, she came down from Manchester for shopping and gossiping), and my also-new Mawi for Minnie statement necklace. We were all wearing wellies – Hunter, of course – so it was obligatory to take a feet photo!

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was dry and fun-filled!

Thanks for a lovely day girls!

Hunter wellies

Fashion bloggers taking outfit photosOutfit: Zara blouse and blazer, Hunter wellies, Primark jeans, Mawi for Minnie necklace, Edina Ronay bagOutfit detail: Mawi for Minnie necklace, Zara animal print buttoned-up blouse with studded collarBlogger friends: Me, Sundari, Anna, Gem and Katrina

[ Me, Sundari, Anna, Gem and Katrina ]

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  • Lizzie

    Great pictures! (A bit jealous as I’d love to meet up with some bloggers again!)
    Also you’re right about Judy’s Affordable Fashion fair- it’s brilliant. The people are all really friendly and a lot of the stuff is very affordable (but you can find some deisgner stuff too.) x

  • Geraldine Looker

    No excuse for rudeness or agressiveness. What ever happened to please, thank you or being polite?

  • adele

    Sounds pricey! Love your shirt!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  • Sarah

    Looks like a gorgeous space; what a shame about the stall holders.

  • Ria

    It’s a shame they were so rude, the fair looks wonderful! Looks like you had a great time regardless :) xoxo

  • Kylie

    Chelsea so they think they can over price ;) How incredibly rude, karma is a bitch I always say. Such a sweet group shot, these are all new bloggers to me I think, so will check out their blogs for some reading tonight xx

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Oh wow, this just looks like heaven! I so wish I lived in London now….

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  • Anna

    I am never putting anything in my coat pockets again!

    Anyway, weird bulge photo aside- I had such a lovely, lovely day. My face is still aching from laughing so much. Thank you.

    I told my sister about you having to pay that man for photos with his hats and she thought it was hysterical.

    Hope we get to meet up soon x

  • clelia

    Amazing <3

    If you like my fan page you can win a Chanel nail lacquer, good luck :)

  • Hannah

    Great pictures. I never understand why they don’t want photographs taken – maybe carrying a card with your blog details so they understand that this has the potential to be a free marketing exercise for them might be a good idea. That’s what I am doing and people have been much more amenable to it…