Planning the perfect holiday wardrobe

Outfit - Holiday Wardrobe shirt with skirtOutfit - Holiday Wardrobe blazer and trousers

Wherever you are in the world I’m sure you’ve seen footage of the washout that was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – holidays might seem a long way away to us Brits right now but in my opinion that’s all the more reason to daydream about sunnier climates and holiday wardrobes!

Sometimes I think I have packing down to a fine art, other times I wonder what I was thinking (note: never pack whilst tipsy). I recently read an amazing tip – pack what you wear often. It makes so much sense! A good basic suitcase guarantees easy dressing, meaning more time for sightseeing and the avoidance of lugging around 5kg-worth of things you just won’t wear.

I was recently lent a couple of great vacation pieces by Holiday Wardrobe, who (rather obviously) specialise in holiday fashion. This classic white cotton shirt by Vero Moda is ideal for keeping cool while preventing sunburnt shoulders (and will go with practically anything), while Vila Clothes‘ oversized white blazer is the perfect cover-up for when the sun sets.

What pieces do you consider to be holiday essentials? If you’ve got a trip planned I do recommend you visit Holiday Wardrobe; besides holiday clothes they sell everything from sunglasses to suitcases to branded swimwear (such as By Caprice Swimwear)!

Outfit 1:

Vero Moda shirt (borrowed from Holiday Wardrobe)

American Apparel skirt (via sample sale)

Zatchels barrel bag*

Outfit 2:

MANGO linen t-shirt*

Next floral trousers*

Vila blazer (borrowed from Holiday Wardrobe)

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses (via


Both outfits:

Next patent leather sandals (old)

No7 Wild Volume lipstick in Forever Cherry

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  • chiaweb

    I think dresses are a must in a holiday suitcase. Fresh and easy to wear, from day to night!

    • Becky

      I agree – however I recently did a Carrie Bradshaw at Barcelona’s marina while wearing a full skirt so I’ve fallen out with them for the time being!

      Thanks for all of your comments and continued support of my blog, it means so much! x

      • chiaweb

        eheheh that pic made me smile a lot!!! :D
        I hope your “dress trauma” will end soon ;)

        You’re welcome, I just love your blog :) because I like your style and I’m able to feel a little closer to the London life!!!

  • Ria

    I’m very much in love with the first outfit, very simple but so Summer-y. When it comes to holiday clothes I like to bring stuff that I can mix and match, saves room in the suitcase for holiday buys ;) xoxo

  • Kylie

    Really fab looks for city breaks. I suppose it depends where I am going, usually I do beach holidays so denim shorts or skirts are a must and maxi skirts for anywhere. I always pack too many evening dresses, then end up not wearing any x

  • Lizzie

    Those flowery pants are awesome! LOVE. And you look so well presented in all your pics. My holiday packing is always more a random selection of mismatched bikinis and a bottle of vodka. You’ve put me to shame! Great post. xx

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I adore your first outfit! Gorgeous! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • EMA

    The first look is so simple and cute, and the polka dot bag is a perfect accessory for it!

  • Maryellen Graham

    Holiday essentials for me would be leggings, jeans and a dress. Pair it with boots or sandals and I’m good to go! :) I’d like to try your first look. So sweet and simple. :)

  • Sinead

    great choices – love both outfits :-)

  • Rachel-Notes from my closet

    I have just nicely been on my holiday. It feels SO long ago already! :( But! I did wear everything I took, yay! :) I bought a slightly smaller suitcase which then forced me to organise and plan what outfits I should take etc… and it worked really well :)

    Love, Rachel

  • iLaktionova

    Both outfits are great!

  • Harriet

    I really love both outfits, but no. 1 is my total favourtie! Love the skirt.

    I can see what you mean about packing what you wear most often – for some reason I have this romanticised view in my head about what I’m like on holiday – and that person is totally impractical and not at all like the me in real life so I end up packing completely inappropriately always!

  • maya

    <3 the first outfit! xx

  • Bekuh

    I love that first outfit so much, and I’m dying for a pair of floral trousers. You’re too cute.