Investment piece wishlist

I have to say I’m pretty smug: I’ve been nailing one of my new year’s resolutions, “buy less, buy better”. Living in a small flat with limited wardrobe space (*sad face*) means my purchases have to be multi-tasking, and it makes more sense to spend my hard-earned cash on beautifully-made, timeless pieces. Gone are the days of hoarding poorly-considered sale ‘bargains’ that still have the tags on seasons later!

Inspired by Elle’s posts I created a list of the 12 key items I thought my wardrobe was lacking and made it my business to start shopping for them:

1 | White shirt

2 | Skinny jeans ☐

3 | Cashmere jumper ☐

4 | Little black dress

5 | Wool coat ☑

6 | Leather jacket ☑

7 | Versatile blazer ☐

8 | Double-breasted trench ☑

9 | Classic brogues ☑

10 | Ballet flats ☑

11 | Black stilettos

12 | Iconic handbag ☑

I didn’t envisage completing this list quickly, after all the whole point is that I find the perfect pieces, but I’ve been fairly successful and have ticked off more than half this year (including 3 purchases in the past month!).

Of course, there are additional items I consider to be wardrobe essentials but that I already own, such as always-stylish Breton tops, and things I wear so often they’ll need replacing no matter how well I care for them, like thin-soled ballet flats. What do you consider to be an investment piece and how many of your dream items would you say you own?

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