Olympic fever

London 2012 Olympic Instagram photos - Tower Bridge, Wembley Stadium, Wembley Park underground

As I walked to work through Camden on Friday morning I realised I’d finally got caught up in the Olympic fever – I’d subconsciously adorned myself in red, white and blue.  I’ve surprised myself by really getting into the spirit and my excitement is only increasing as we’re starting to win some medals – yay Team GB!

I caught the latter-half of the opening ceremony after my trip to the Zoo and felt quite emotional watching it all over again on Saturday morning (admittedly, slightly hungover).  I don’t know whether my favourite part was James Bond collecting the Queen from Buckingham Palace or David Beckham looking super-gorgeous as he delivered the torch down the Thamesby speedboat (alongside the also gorgeous Jessica Ennis).

On Sunday I slapped on my Union Jack Violent Lips to go to Wembley to see our men’s football team beat the UAE 3-1.  Fingers crossed I’ll be able to attend some curbside events but if not I’ll still show my support from a pub or two!  Have you caught Olympic fever?  Or are you just counting down until the whole thing is over?!

{ All photos via my Instagram. Username: beckycolley }

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  • http://teathreesugars.blogspot.com Hannah

    Your Union Jack lips sound absolutely fab!! I too have found myself getting into Olympic Fever – I’ve spent most of the past few days sitting around watching it on TV which I have never bothered much with before! Yay Team GB :) let’s hope we can win some more medals today! x


  • http://notsopoisonous-ivy.blogspot.co.uk/ nosopoisonousivy

    Go Team GB

  • http://dressupwithlola.com lola

    I think loads people are finally getting into the spirit of things, I am the exact same, opening ceremony was incredible and I think I’ve watched it a total of 10 times already! I’d love to be in london for it, I bet the atmostphere is immense. Beaut pics btw, tower bridges looks so incredible. Go Team GB!!

  • http://josephine-pearl.blogspot.co.uk/ jo

    I’m so caught up in Olympic fever, I should be packing up my house for our move.. but so far i’ve watched the swimming, archery and horse jumping.. go Zara!! hehe. Diving again this afternoon :) your so lucky to have seen an event, great pictures. My bfs brothers band are playing in the olympic village tomorrow.. eeek, so sad I can’t see them play though!
    Jo. x

  • http://www.chiaweb.it chiaweb

    I have the fever but you can imagine not for the GB team ;) Go Italy!!!
    Anyway I just LOVED the opening cerimony for the music, the actors and the Queen, as I’m a British inside!

    ciao :D

  • http://deluminators.blogspot.com Jane

    I’ve caught Olympic fever too – but it’s hard to keep up, with the timezones this time. Personally, my favourite part of the Opening Ceremony was Mr Bean!

  • http://wishing-for-chanel.blogspot.co.uk/ Ria

    Wasn’t so excited until the opening ceremony, it was surprisingly emotional at times! Definitely up and supporting Team GB :) xoxo

  • http://islandgirlinsights.blogspot.com Rachael C

    I only caught half of the opening ceremony too, but I totally loved it!! :) x
    Island Girl Insights ♥