How do they do it?

One of the benefits of hitting my mid-20s is that I’m really starting to understand what suits me and what I like; rather than jumping into unflattering trends feet first I’m now more likely to think about how to work them to suit me and my style.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who opens my wardrobe and feels hopelessly uninspired from time to time. Browsing street style blogs and Pinterest I am often astounded by people who own the most basic of pieces and manage to work them in a way that makes them look completely fresh.

In my most Carrie Bradshaw-ish fashion, I couldn’t help but wonder: how do they do it?

Net-a-Porter’s new ‘Faces of Fashion’ campaign features some of fashion’s most stylish stunners to show us how it’s done. Ahh, thank you.

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  • adele

    I love this video Becky! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  • Rich

    I agree that video is phenomenal!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Ahhahahahahaha I love the reference to Sex and the city

  • Kylie

    Ahhh that Cavalli dress on Patti Hansen. I know what you mean with getting older and knowing your style more. xx

  • chiaweb

    No, you’re not the only one who opens the wardrobe and feels hopelessly uninspired from time to time!!!
    I like the video :)