9 newly-discovered favourites

Inspired by Jayne’s recent(ish) post about bloglove I thought I’d share some of my newly-discovered favourite blogs.  I’m always on the hunt for new material so if you’d like to share your URL in the comments, please do!

Fresh Fizz

“They call me Fizz and I live for the 3 F’s: Fashion, Food, & Fotography. FMyLife.”

FreshFizz blog

Wardrobe Block

“I started this blog to document my clothes and my style…I particularly like to mix high-street and vintage/thrifted clothes.”

Wardrobe Block blog

Red Brick Lipstick

“I’m a little dreamer from the south west that adores photographing my adventures.”

Red Brick Lipstick blog

Sense & Sensibility

“A twenty-one year old Parisian girl….I am constantly in search of wonders of all kinds.”

Sense and Sensibility blog

Hallo Valerie

I live in Los Angeles and love nostalgia, delicacies, simplicity & traveling to new lands.”

Hallo Valerie blog


“FAIIINT started as a sort of a scrapbook, where I could put everything down before it fell out of my head, as things are prone to doing!”



“These are bits of my days and things that I like. I run shops, dream of being a writer, and live in Seattle with my husband and our pets.”

elephantine blog

It’s Cohen

“My name is Rebecca Cohen. I’m a topshop princess, a rockstar too.”

It's Cohen blog

an apple a day

“Before she could walk, [Amy's] parents and older sister fostered in her an utmost reverence for the wild beauty that surrounded the Merrick family’s Depression-era farmhouse. ”

an apple a day blog

I plan on spending the next couple of days spring cleaning (well, the weather still feels decidedly spring-like), baking, reading magazines, and catching up on lots and lots of unread blog posts.  I hope you enjoy your weekends!

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  • http://www.chiaweb.it chiaweb

    Hi Becky! I’m enjoying my weekend after the first week of my new job! Thanks for these links, I’ll for sure visit the blogs you found!

  • http://www.rachelphipps.com/ Rachel

    Oh, there are some amazing blogs here I had never heard of before – thanks for the tips!

  • http://www.iwantyoutoknow.co.uk/ kb

    Thanks for sharing these, have found a few new finds that I will be subscribing to!

  • http://candyandtreats.net Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Thanks for the very nice new blog inspiration, definitely bookmarked some of them!

    Your blog is really cool too so I’m keeping yours as an inspiration too :)


  • http://www.freshfizzle.com tania

    WOW!!! Thanks so much for featuring me!! You’re the sweetest! <3
    I'll definitely check out these other blogs too. They look great!


    • http://lifestyleflash.com Becky | life.style.flash.

      You’re absolutely welcome Tania! I just <3 your blog :)

  • http://hallovalerie.blogspot.com Valerie

    What a lovely surprise to be included – thank you :) and I love your other suggestions! I’m quickly following quite a few of them x

    • http://lifestyleflash.com Becky | life.style.flash.

      You’re so welcome Valerie, I’m glad you’ve found some other blogs to follow too!

  • http://itscohen.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Oh blimey, thank you Becky! I love how you’ve chosen the photo of my “light lunch”. I was a bit annoyed at having to pay £5 for a sandwich, until I realised how big it was… Ah well, you live and learn (with a side salad) xx

    • http://lifestyleflash.com Becky | life.style.flash.

      I was waiting for my food delivery when I was writing this post, how could I not include it?!

      And you’re welcome :)

  • http://blueoctoberblog.com blueoctober

    ooh definitely going to check these out, love finding new blogs!

  • http://absolutely-fuzzy.com steph

    some really nice blogs in this list – love a good photography-driven blog!

  • http://www.redbricklipstick.com Lily

    oh my you are so lovely! thank-you thank-you thank-you! :)

  • http://candicelesage.com/sense Candice

    Oh my – Thank you so much for featuring my blog, I’m in love with all the others blogs you mentionned, so I really feel honoured !

    Have a great day, because you certainly made mine.


  • http://sarahbetty.co.uk Sarah Betty

    Oh this is brilliant. You must have read my mind, I’ve been looking for some new blogs!

    Sarah Betty xx

  • http://memoirmode.com Kylie

    Beautiful blogs! actually only know Faiint here, so thanks for sharing. I think we have quite simular tastes when it comes to blogs. Original and beautiful photography all the way! x

  • http://www.coutureandcrumpets.com Daniela

    itscohen is one of my faves too, rebecca is such a sweetie! xx

  • http://crossmyhrt.blogspot.com Kate

    Loving these new blogs! I’m always on the lookout for good, captivating, down-to-earth blogs! I know they’re perfect for me when I can spend hours reading all their posts. <3 Thanks so much for posting these!

  • http://wardrobeblock.com Emily @ Wardrobe Block

    Thank you for the feature! I feel very honored to be amongst such beautiful blogs <3 xx

  • http://fallinlove.com.ar/?lang=en Laura

    Hi Becky!

    I have just found your blog and I loved the post about blogging! I am very new in it! I have an English/Spanish blog that I started a few month ago and I found very helpful all the tips from ‘old’ bloggers! If you have a second and want to see my blog is http://fallinlove.com.ar/?lang=en. I will appreciate very much your opinion!

    Following your blog! :)


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