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Shopping at Westfield London

If your favourite shopping centre invited you down for an evening of retail heaven and gave you £100 towards your spree you wouldn’t turn it down would you? My love for Westfield London is well-documented so when they asked me, as 1 of 5 bloggers, to take part in a Christmas styling challenge it goes without saying that my response was “hell yes!”. Our mission was to buy a key piece for a specific festive event, in my case the office Christmas party.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this would be super-easy but faced with over 250 shops I admit I almost didn’t know where to start! I knew I wanted something I’d be able to wear all day and just dress-up at 5pm: it obviously depends on your workplace’s dress code but mine is pretty casual and for our first of 2 parties (I know!) we’ll be going out straight from the office.

You can’t go wrong with a dress and this full-skirted dress from COS is just the blank template I was looking for. I’m planning to wear it sans-tights but if the weather doesn’t permit it I’ll opt for a cute patterned version, probably polka dots. Of course at Christmas-time sparkly accessories are compulsory so I’ll add an embellished M&S headband, statement cocktail ring from Accessorize, some glittery heels from Next, and finish off with a swipe of bright lipstick and a spritz of perfume! What will you be wearing for your work Christmas party?

Office Christmas party outfit | COS flared dress, Next glittery heels, M&S beaded headband, Accessorize cocktail ring, Rimmel red lipstickShopping at Westfield London

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  • Rosie

    That dress is lovely, very demure and chic and perfect for an office party! It will look gorgeous with the other bits you’ve picked. What a treat being able to go on a mini spree in a shopping centre, it’s like supermarket sweep! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  • Amy

    You looked so gorgeous in that dress. Love your choice!

  • Ditsy print

    Ooh! SO glad I happened upon your blog! It’s fab! I love your style, and can’t wait to read more of you blog tonight! :)

  • Lola

    What an exciting opportunity and I love your choices xx

  • Sarah

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Love the dress, especially paired with those heels!

  • Sarah

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Love the dress, especially paired with those heels!

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