Red, white and blue

Outfit - OASAP dress, Cambridge Satchel, ballet flats

Can you believe the Olympics are almost over?!  After years of planning and months of Londoners OMG-ing over how awfully busy the city would be, the past 2 weeks have been a blur and not only was life not busy and awful it was actually pretty bloody great.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve frequently adorned myself in red, white and blue and yesterday was no exception; I wore my new OASAP dress, part-bought with credit I received for being one of their ‘Fashion Hunters’ (read more about that here).  I’d heard mixed thoughts on the quality of OASAP’s pieces but I have to say I’m more than happy with this dress!  Plus, oversized collar and polka dots?!  Um, yes please.

The boy and I are watching tonight’s Olympic Closing Ceremony at our local cinema – should be fun! I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

What I wore: OASAP Polka dot dress* | Office ballet flats | ASOS cats eye sunglasses | Cambridge Satchel Co. satchel via Urban Outfitters

Outfit - OASAP dress, Cambridge Satchel, ballet flats

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  • Rachael C

    Love the dress, super cute! x

  • jade

    Oh hai gorgeous! You suit a good polka dot


  • The Style Box

    Awww you look lovely :)
    The Olympics have been fab haven’t they! I wasn’t really bothered about them but I’ve gradually got more and more hooked and now I’m sad they’re over.
    I was an OASAP ‘fashion hunter’ and then they gave me 88p credit so I left – how offensive! Haha – clearly I’m not a big enough fish.

  • The Style Box

    Haha actually, I’ve just logged in out of curiosity and it was actually $0.08!!! I might go and sit in a dark room on my own for a few hours now.

  • Olivia Law

    Such a beautiful outfit, LOVE your bag <3 xo

  • Sarah Betty

    You look so lovely here, I adore your outfit!!!

    Sarah Betty xx

  • Stephanie / FAIIINT

    The dress is adorable & I love that red satchel! ♡
    I’m so gutted I missed out on the Olympics whilst I was away, seems like it was an amazing few weeks! Looking forward to catching up on the bits I managed to set to record over the next few days though! :)

  • Josie

    Bet it was amazing watching the Closing Ceremony at the cinema, I would’ve loved that! You look lovely, I love your bag. xxx

  • Tammydefox

    your dress so adorable <3


  • kirsty

    gorgoeus dress

  • nosopoisonousivy

    I know, I can’t believe the Olympics are over. The country and London especially is gonna be very quite. I heard about watching the ceremony in cinema’s but we didn’t have one in our town.


  • Angela Donava

    La robe est splendide!J’adore! bisous:)

    Angela Donava

  • Amy from Afternoon Social

    Love the collar! What a great dress :)

  • Anna

    Where is that photo taken love? I really, really recognise it! Wonder if we live close to each other! xx

    South Molton St Style

  • jo

    Well this dress is just perfect!! you look so pretty.

    Jo. x

  • .saboskirt.

    Nice lovely outfit! The collar looks perfect!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  • Pritta

    So cute and pretty!


  • Gourmet Detective

    Love the dress! It makes me think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz without the red shoes. But you had the red bag! Fabulous! It accentuates the dark colors from the dress and your shoes. Anyway, what material is your dress made from? Is it breezy and cool or does it still have the warm and cozy feel even with bare legs?

  • Emily

    This is such a cute dress :) you look lovely!
    I’m actually really missing the olympics now! x

  • Giovanna

    Such a cute look! Loving your dress and pop of red with your bag!


  • tania

    absolutely loving this super sweet adorable look!!! <33