To dye for!

Colour Studio 'Helena' shoes in cobalt blueColour Studio 'Helena' shoes in cobalt blue

Ok so I admit I could’ve picked a less trite title but sometimes a bit of cheese is appropriate – besides, when I explain what this post is about you’ll see that it was pretty much obligatory.

Last week The Colour Studio invited a group of bloggers to Hanover Square for an evening surrounded by shoes, champagne and canapés – I wasn’t going to decline was I? So we assembled at Dirty Martini to learn more about ‘colourology’ (essentially the art of matching colours) and to have a go at dying some shoes by hand.

I actually did fairly well on my first attempt, so much so that I got a bit over-confident and opted not to wear gloves for my next go…cue purple hands. Fun times but best left to the pros, who can create a pair of personally colour-matched shoes in just 2 weeks. I’m so grateful to The Colour Studio for giving me the shoes above (cobalt blue is my absolute favourite colour!). Aren’t they beautiful?

Hand-dying shoes with the Colour StudioHand-dyed satin shoesHand-dyed satin shoes under the tree

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  • Kiki

    So pretty

  • Sarah

    Uhh this is a bit cool. I want to dye some shoes!

  • Kelly

    So pretty! Love the colour.
    Really good idea colouring shoes, I have so many pairs I wish were another colour.

  • tania


  • Geri Looker

    Very festive! Love the colours. I am with you Becky on this one, leave to the experts!

  • Eloïse

    oooh!so beautiful! :)


  • Kylie

    Ahhh that sounded like such an awesome event, jealous :) they truly are beautiful xx

  • Angela Donava

    great shoes!!

    Angela Donava

  • PinkBow

    Oh my, they are too good to wear!

  • Chiara [chiaweb]

    oh wow!perfect for the New Year’s Eve Party!

  • Elle Croft

    On a (mostly) unrelated note, I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Casual Vacancy. I just finished it…