Drip drip drop…

Spring blossoms in London

What’s the weather like where you are? In England we’ve had nothing but rain for the past 10 days or so. Being born in Manchester I’m used to drizzle (it might not rain all the time but it’s hardly tropical) and so I’m used to seeing the bright side of spring showers – if nothing else it means summer is on the way!

Here are some things making me happy this springtime:

1/ Blossoms blossoms everywhere!

2/ Wearing my Banana Republic trench coat.

3/ Darting into coffee shops to avoid sudden downpours.

4/ Gloomy evenings under the Double Slanket.

5/ Pretty reflections in puddles.

6/ Enjoying the last few weeks of wearing knitwear.

7/ Whole days spent indulging in the Sex and the City boxset.

8/ Re-introducing my spring make up and switching to lighter perfume.

9/ The sudden influx of bank holidays.

10/ The time saved on bothering to style your hair: ponytail = done.

What’s putting a smile on your face at the moment?

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  • http://www.faiiint.com Stephanie / FAIIINT

    Aw, this really cheered me up! I’m from England too & the weathers been making me feel pretty miserable recently, especially after that little bit of sun we had, I got all excited for Spring & then this! I’ve been trying to make the most of it by wearing my favourite Autumn pieces, but in all honestly, I just want it to hurry up & get warm… though I would probably feel differently if I had a slanket! Hah!

  • http://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com Andrea

    Hey Becky,
    I know what you mean. Today is the first sunny day in over a week, here in Austria. The last few days it’s been pouring non-stop. But apparently we’re supposed to get up to 30 degrees on the weekend. So here’s hoping. :)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • http://www.chiaweb.it chiaweb

    it has been raining here a lot, too :(
    Fortunately today I had the chance to take the first bike ride of the season! It’s holiday today in Italy and the weather was quite nice this morning :)
    So this put a smile on my face today :D

  • http://thesomethingfabulous.blogspot.com Kate {Something Fabulous}

    The weather is pretty nice here in New Zealand actually! We’re heading into autumn on this side of the world :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  • http://stylebyladyg.com Geraldine Looker

    That’s something I dont miss in the UK the weather! Although it has been cooler than normal here in Atlanta Georgia, the weather now is sunny and in the late 70″s to 80. I love to see cheerful brightly coloured spring/summer flowers in bloom filling tubs and baskets. Have just bought a perfumed jasmine plant. Can’t wait to plant it in the yard close to the patio, so when I open my french doors, the smell filters into the room!

  • http://raindropsofsapphire.com/ Raindrops of Sapphire

    I adore blossom too! It’s so pretty and it really brightens up my day! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)


  • http://jazzabellesdiary.blogspot.co.uk jazzabelle

    blossoms and pretty reflections are two of my favourite springtime things, too! <3