Some tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe

Wardrobe organisation - keep, try, donate/sell piles

Did I mention I’m moving house? Joke! You’re sick of hearing about it. Well we’re moving tomorrow so it’ll all be over for all of us soon! Virgin are coming to disconnect our internet this afternoon so I shall be living sans wifi until Sunday evening (all being well, please don’t let it be later than Sunday) – the horror!

The one positive about moving house is having a good old purge. I love nothing more than organisation (sad but true) and it feels good to be ruthless sometimes. We’re actually downsizing so now seems as good a time as any to declutter.

I thought I’d compile a list of my tips for having a proper wardrobe clear-out. First thing’s first – this is time-consuming. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that but I promise it’s worth it. (If nothing else you’ll be able to justify buying new clothes!)

  • Take everything out of your wardrobes and/or drawers.
  • Spend time going through each item and separate into 3 piles: keep, try, donate/sell.
  • Put all of the ‘keep’ items back neatly and in a way that makes sense e.g. all dresses together, colour coded, day/night, etc. Fold knitwear with arms across the chest then horizontally for fewer creases.
  • Invest in some vacuum bags and fill them with ‘keep’ pieces that are out of season. Store somewhere out of the way.
  • Try on all of your ‘try’ items: decide whether anything that’s damaged or needs specialist cleaning should be moved to the ‘donate/sell’ pile or whether to pay a visit to your local dry cleaner (remember, once you collect dry cleaned items take the plastic cover off immediately as otherwise the chemicals keep working and can damage your clothes!).
  • If any of your ‘try’ items no longer fit, add them to your ‘donate/sell’ pile or consider how they could be customised. Think of other ways to give old pieces a new lease of life: roll-up sleeves/legs, button a shirt up to the top, change the buttons on a dress!
  • Invest in proper storage (once we’re in our new place I’ll be buying super thin velvet-coated hangers that mean more storage space and less items slipping off and languishing, forgotten!).
  • Don’t forget your shoes! Get them re-soled regularly and they’ll last far longer. If they’re too tight stuff them with wet newspaper or heat with a hairdryer then wear with thick socks to stretch them.
  • Here’s a great tip I came across on Pinterest: hang the hangers in your wardrobe the wrong way round, then as you wear items and put them back hang them the right way. Soon it’ll be easy to see which items you don’t wear!

At the end of the day every piece in your wardrobe should make you feel great; if it doesn’t it’s taking up valuable space that could be better used by an item you truly love!

How do you organise your wardrobe? Do you have any tips to share?

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  • chiaweb

    I suggest you to keep the clothes you don’t want anymore for the next swap party! :)

  • Geraldine Looker

    I bought a couple of hat boxes, I keep my hats in them to stop them getting crushed and out of shape. They are also good for storing scarves & look pretty in the closet. I switch out the scarves between summer and winter. The other thing you can do with scarves is to tie several of them on to a trouser hanger, you can see them on display then. I try and sort out my closet, draws, shoes and makeup box every season if possible!

  • Amber

    Great tips – I’ve done the “hanging the coathangers the other way” thing before, and it really helped me be a bit more creative, as well as identifying the things I needed to get rid of: definitely recommend it! I really need to get some more of those velvet-coated hangers too – I have mostly wooden ones which look nice, but wow, do they take up a lot of space!

    Good luck with the move – hope everything goes smoothly and you’re not without Internet for too long!

  • Natasha

    Great post! My only problem is that I sometimes get rid of items that a year or so later I desperately want to wear again! I’m still mourning the loss of a high-waisted acid wash denim skirt from last year :(

    • Becky

      I’ve done that before, it’s a risk you regret sometimes! At the same time I cling on to other pieces I know I won’t wear because I’m scared this will happen…

      The perils of being a girl with limited wardrobe space eh?

  • Ria

    These are great tips! I’m so terrible when it comes to organising my wardrobe, but I do try and do a refresh every season and a big trying on session to figure out what doesn’t fit me anymore.
    I love the tip about facing the hangers the other way, definitely gonna be something I’ll try from now on.

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  • Torn

    Are those leather shorts!? Love!

    • Becky

      They are! Thank you :) x

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