Polka dot satchel

Leather polka dot satchel by Zatchels

Sometimes I feel like I have to justify my purchases to you in the same way I do to CT when I come home with yet another pair of shoes. So, firstly, I know I just bought the bag of my dreams but when it comes to satchels or polka dots I can’t say no. Plus there’s no such thing as too many satchels or polka dots.

Secondly, Free People sent me a gift card eons ago and it was begging to be spent. It’s not a brand I was too familiar with but I presumed I’d be a fan as I love sister labels Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Well, I did love the site and that was even before I discovered they stock Zatchels and that UK shipping is free! (Sadly UK customs are still a bitch.)

Thirdly, LOOK HOW PRETTY! Annoyingly, it’s just too small for my camera but it’s so adorably cute I’m willing to let that slide. What do you think? When it comes to shopping is there anything you find yourself being drawn to over and over?

Leather polka dot satchel by Zatchels

What I wore: Zatchels polka dot satchel (via Free People)* | Rest of outfit as seen here

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  • http://www.buckets-and-spades.blogspot.com mat

    that is one nice looking thing, big spots rule

  • http://www.looselips-sinkships.com Vanessa

    OH my goodness I love it! I’ve been watching a satchel like that, but like you I knew it would be too small for my bulky camera. I love it so much, though!

  • http://www.sidestreetstyle.com Laura

    Loving this bag sooooo much…I have wanted one of these for ages…love it

  • http://www.bell-street.com Ali

    ooh it’s so pretty! I have a navy & white polka dot tote bag and it’s surprising how much it seems to go with every outfit.

  • http://www.ellecroft.com/blog/ Elle Croft

    Oooh, I LOVE this! Polkadots are always a winner :-)
    At the moment, I’m drawn to anything animal print, especially foxes. Go figure!

  • http://www.fashionyourseatbelts.net Toni

    Aah this is indeed an adorable little satchel! Love the photos to ^_^ xx

  • http://amybell-thelittlemagpie.blogspot.com Amy Spencer

    Ah I love these satchels, the polka dot one you have is so cute!! x

  • http://mademois-elle.com jamie-lee

    I always feel like I need to justify my purchases too so I get what you mean – this bag is just lovely though, I adore the polka dots. Reminds me of the Cambridge Satchel bags! x

  • http://www.lipstickloves.blogspot.com Nim

    Oh gosh, I LOVE! Now the wedding is over, my spending is all about ME! Was planning trip to Liberty who stock Zatchel so will be checking them out xx

  • http://www.arashmazinani.com Arash Mazinani

    That’s a pretty cool satchel, I have a comes des garcon shirt that’s pretty much identical.

    I love a bit of polka dot action, not OTT but also a bit of a fun print.

  • http://ditsyprintblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Clare

    Zatchels are great! I just won a green one in a competition, I love it! Nice blog!