10 Tips for Zero-Waste Household

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Zero waste household? You might wonder how that is possible taking into consideration the enormous amount of waste each person produce daily. Well, you will be surprised at how easy it is if you got the method and the will check these ideas from house clearance company London.

Such a lifestyle goes back to five simple rules: refuse, reduce, reuse or rather recycle and finally rot. Sounds new, here are 10 ways you can out that in practice.

Refuse what you do not need.
Do you receive junk mail? If yes, then it is the high time to say enough is enough. Such emails fill you home with papers waste which ends up in landfills. If you do not need such mail, let the sender know.Home bills and other paper information can be sent online. Gazettes and other magazine are available online, use such reading platform.

Turn down parties and fairs that seem like a time waste. By attending one, you encourage more to make a request. And the free pens, you do not need them.

Reduce what you need
A shopping list will help you determine what you need and what you do not. Buying on impulse is budget and environmentally unfriendly.

De-clutter your home. Some of the furniture you own are of no use, or clothes, or a ball. How about donating them to a charity organisation.

If you love to have coffee on your trip from work, bring your thermos. You will notice how slow your garbage bin fills in a week.

If you no longer wear clothes, donate them or better use them to make other items such as sweater pillows. Sound comfy, right?

Avoid consuming drink in plastic and can bottles. Use glass and reuse when done. Use cloth diapers and napkin as they are washable. In fact, they are cheap in the long run.

Do have clothes that are small or oversized? Be it jewellery or gifts or any other items that occupy your cabinet for nothing? How about inviting your friends and ask them to bring similar items and you get to exchange, in what we call swap parties.

Label some bins, For recycling. Anything that goes to the bin must be recyclable. Some of the items include cans, plastic, glass, metals paper, etc.

You think something is too old and out of fashion? Someone will be grateful to have it for free or give some money for it. Anything in your house apart from bad food fall in this category. Carpets, furniture, toys, etc.

If your mum has a wedding dress and you need to go to the prom, re-styling the dress will get head turning. Do your research and find anything in the house that can be added life by repurposing.

Kitchen waste need not go to the landfills. The materials can be rot in a compost pit or bin and turn into manure. Such organic fertiliser is good to use in your home garden and planting more trees in the neighbourhood.  

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