New beginnings

Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end.

I’ve given lots of thought about whether or not to write this post and if so what to say. It can be hard to know where to draw the line between my blog and my personal life but this little piece of the internet is the closest thing I have to a diary. Essentially it’s the place I share the things that make me happy…does anyone really want to read about the less pleasant aspects of life? Or is it dishonest to pretend life is all smiles and sunshine? Ultimately I’m about to undergo a big change so I feel compelled to touch on it (albeit briefly).

In a few days I’ll be moving in with new housemates and I’m excited to make new friends and experience life in a part of London that’s undiscovered to me. Suffice to say, love is hard, but I’m proud that my relationship is strong enough that we can be completely honest with each other. This may be an unconventional decision but it’s one that will make us happier, and isn’t that what’s important?

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  • Amelia

    Don’t feel ashamed. Writing is a way to make sense of a complicated life. I hope you are ok! xxx

  • Kylie Martin

    I understand..I have wanted to be a bit more personal on my blog (not too personal) but somethings that I can let off steam with and show I am not one dimensional.

    If you are both happy then who is to say it is the wrong way! To be honest I preferred when I was living with my mum and sister for that month me and my other half split up for a bit. hahaha.

    Good Luck lovely and it will all come right xxx

  • Englishian

    Awww honey, I hope everything is okay with you & it all works out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living separately, I love my space! Take every day as it comes. I hope we bump into each other again in the not too distant future!

  • intotheblonde

    Good luck with the move Becky. Hope everything works out.

    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo


    It’s my first time commenting… Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! :)

    From Dakota @

  • welovefur

    I really like how you write and what you write

  • Sarah Harradine

    Happiness is THE most important thing. Enjoy your new space. X

  • Justine

    Thank you for sharing..p.s. I love this quote, it is just what I needed this Friday. Best of Luck!


  • PinkBow

    Interesting. I must admit I’m so content with my current situation & have no feeling to move on & move in. Even though I think I probably should. Good luck with everything xx

  • Amy

    Whatever is right for you, my love. I wish you nothing but happiness! xx

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