Wash me, wear me

Wash Me Wear Me embroidered travel bag

Packing has to be the most boring thing on Earth so I welcome anything that makes it quicker and/or easier, and our recent stay at the Hoxton Hotel was the perfect opportunity for me to road-test my new embroidered ‘wash me wear me’ travel bag.

Both pretty and practical, it’s infinitely chicer than the plastic carrier bags I used to use to separate my smalls in my suitcase! Unlike some travel aids it takes up practically no space when not in use either: it’s currently rolled up in my underwear drawer. There’s not much you can say about such a simple product (besides “why did no one invent this earlier?!”) so to summarise I’m very, very happy with it.

It was kindly sent to me by The Handpicked Collection and I’ve been left wondering how I hadn’t come across their site before as I now have a substantial wish list, including a rabbit nightlight (under £5!) and a bunny ring holder! If you’re on the hunt for any gifts – or self-gifts – do take a look.

Wash Me Wear Me embroidered travel bagWash Me Wear Me embroidered travel bag

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  • http://twitter.com/wardrobeblock Emily

    This is so cute! I’m always using plastic bags – so this is a fab alternative!

  • http://twitter.com/chiaweb chiaweb / Chiara G.

    this is the cutest thing you can find in a suitcase!

  • http://www.ellecroft.com/ Elle Croft

    This is a great idea!!! How have I never thought of this??

  • PinkBow

    So pretty. Think I am going to have to buy the bunny night light :-)