Becky from lifestyleflash.comHi! My name is Becky. I live in London but am originally from Manchester. I like lipstick, stripes, brogues, Adele, animals and tea. “Dancing in the Street” was the UK’s number 1 single on the day I was born (which possibly explains my questionable taste in music).

This is where I share my adventures with you. Make yourself a cuppa, plonk yourself down somewhere comfortable, and read about all the things I love in life: fashion, beauty, travel, photography, design, books and food. Thanks for visiting!


Who takes your photos? I take pretty much all of my photos; this is with the exception of my outfit photos, which are usually taken by my boyfriend.

What camera do you use? I used a Nikon D60 for around 3 years but recently switched to the Sony NEX 5N (I blogged about my camera shopping experience here, if you’re interested).

Who designed your site? I studied media at university and have some knowledge of graphic design and coding so I edit my theme myself. If you’re looking for tips I wholeheartedly recommend Pugly Pixel, A Beautiful Mess, Her New Leaf and Girl Does Geek.

Can I write a guest post for you? Thank you for the offer however at this time I prefer to write all of my posts myself.


I’m affiliated with some companies linked to on this blog and my other social media channels (this means if you make a purchase after clicking these links I receive a small referral commission). I hope you don’t mind (there are costs involved with hosting a website, after all) but I’d rather put this info out there so you can make an informed decision.

I always state when I’ve received an item for free, either by mentioning it in a post and/or adding an asterisk (*) next to it in my ‘What I wore’ list. Opinions are always 100% my own whether I’m affiliated with a company or not!

  • http://www.veryhighbrow.com Betty

    I love london. I am an anglophile and i’m SO glad i found your blog. keep it up! it’s gorgeous.

  • http://www.lil-foody.co.uk Bee

    Hi, I can’t believe no one has pointed it out yet but your loves/loathes actually says loathes/loathes. I know I would be annoyed if I hadn’t spotted it and nobody bothered to mention it!

    Everything else is beautiful!

    • Becky

      Hi Bee, I know this was pointed out to me last week but as I’ve still not got the internet in my new flat I’ve been unable to correct it yet – cringe! Thanks for letting me know though and thanks for your lovely comments :)

  • Kate

    As I read your first set of Loathes I thought ‘she hates twinnings?’ How can this be possible. I am a huge tea fan – tealoveaffair.com – I also am a INFJ :) Love your Blog x

  • http://ditsyprintblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Ditsy print

    Cool blog! Has a great balance of glamour and reality! Love!